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IoT for Agile Innovation in Business

Businesses need agility and innovation to navigate the dynamic market landscape. Our IoT solutions enable you to create connected systems for accurate and smart insights that guide your strategic decisions.

As a pioneer for Industry 4.0 enablement, our comprehensive suite of IoT services and solutions can help businesses reduce operating costs, while improving transparency and operational efficiencies.OpenTeQ experts facilitate quick and precise development of IoT applications and its service components to add value to the business processes.

iot for agile innovation in business

Why Choose OpenTeQ for IoT Application Development?

We are an IoT solutions companywith experts who can deliver IoT technology for a wide range of use cases and industries. We understand your workflows to deliver intelligent IoT apps that seamlessly integrate with you existing hardware.

The Right Expertise

Our deep expertise in enterprise-grade IoT applications and next-generation solutions leverages the intricacies of technology to empower your business.

Relevant Industry Experience

From disruptive start-ups to mature conglomerates, we have delivered intelligent solutions for varied businesses at various levels of digital readiness.

Technical Prowess

We are well-verse with multiple technologies and choose the best-suited solutions for you for a seamless IoT experience whether on web, mobile or any other platform.

Best Practices

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of data security and respect customer-specific considerations while building IoT solutions.

Smart Integrations

We deliver a personalized experience with our tailormade IoT solutions that seamlessly integrate your smart application with third-party apps through secure APIs.

Phenomenal Results

Our IoT solutions are designed to bring tangible results for your business through technical excellence, customer focused and product oriented approach.

Our Full Stackof IoT Services

We are a IoT company delivering superior data-driven solutions that advance your digital transformation journey. Our IoT development services help you create a connected system of processes and devices that enhance your business capabilities.

iot consulting
IoT Consulting

Realize your IoT needs through business process modelling, solution blueprint, thought leadership and business-ready use cases.

iot app development
IoT Application Development

Intelligent IoT apps for native, web, hybrid or PWA environments that integrate AI-ML capabilities for your business processes.

iot architecture
IoT Architecture

Strong foundation for your IoT investment with scalable, secure and reliable architecture that provides end-to-end connectivity.

iot integration and api development
IoT Integration and API Development

Maximize your investment by Integrating IoT with existing infrastructure across the organization and enable company-wide automation with APIs.

testing and maintenance
Testing and Maintenance

Ensure glitch-free performance of your IoT apps in real-time, before deployment and with ongoing support for adaptive and preventive maintenance.

iot data management
IoT Data Management

Gain actionable insights from multiple data sources in the IoT ecosystem through dashboards that help you visualize and utilize enterprise data.

Our Methodology

Our agile development approach makes us one of the few IoT solution providers who can quickly grasp and deliver IoT solutions as per your exacting needs.


We discuss and thoroughly understand enterprise-specific requirements toadvise on best solutions for implementation of IoT technology.


We evaluate all possible solutions and prototype the most fitting one to enable customers to visualize the functionality of the potential IoT deliverable.

our methodology


From architecture to functionality and UI, we meticulously build the IoT solution in a phased manner with a continuous feedback loop for enhancements.


The developed IoT solution is released phase-wise after undergoing rigorous testing to ensure a seamless client experience.


Our experts ensure that your IoT investment keeps performing with continued maintenance and support for addressing any adaptive or preventive issues.

Deliver IoT Benefits for your business

We offer a 360° customer experience with multiple benefits with sophisticated IoT solutions across all stages of the IoT lifecycle.

enhanced connectivity
Enhanced Connectivity
  •   Seamlessly integrate disparate systems across the organization
  •   Increase operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks
  •   Conveniently monitor and manage multiple systems from a single platform
data driven business model
Data-Driven Business
  •   Consolidate data for valuable insights that support informed decisions
  •   Reduce data loss and gain real-time insights for an accurate picture of your operations
  •   Unlock hidden business opportunities leveraging user-specific data
cost optimization
  •   Reduce downtime and enable faster issue resolution to minimize loss of productivi
  •   Reducing cost of labour and improve process efficiencies for better R
  •   Stay ahead of demand and plan your resources for better productivity and efficien
Development Frameworks We Build On
nerves and elixir
Nerves & Elixir

 Build, deploy, and securely manage your fleet of IoT devices at speed and scale with Nerves open-source platform and infrastructure combined with Elixir programming.

aws iot services

 Create IoT solutionsfor high-volume data-driven workflows that allow you to collect, store, and analyze IoT data for varied applications.

aws sagemaker
AWS SageMaker

 Leverage fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows for innovation with machine learning for scalable and accelerated development.

react native
React Native

 Stable and dynamic applications for varied platforms to increase business efficiency and productivity through interactive native applications.

onshape icon

 Modernize your product design process with SaaS-based product development that is data-driven, real-time and collaborative.

scipy icon
MS Azure

 Rapidly build edge-to-cloud solutions that are safe, scalable and boosted by AI for varied industries and business functionalities.

Lead your enterprise into the future of business with IoT

Stay ahead with comprehensive IoT solutions

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