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Application development is the process of designing a single computer program or a set of programs that accomplish different responsibilities corresponding to your business’s requirements. It offers higher scalability while improving your customer relationship.

Application Development

Every organization is transforming its heritage portfolios to flexible and modular applications. Developing Omni- Channel solutions can connect any business with its customers across mobile devices and screens. OpenTeQ leverages the power of mobile engineering expertise and the best practices of all the platforms to provide unmatched user experience through application development.

  • Native and Hybrid technology development expertise while serving various industry verticals
  • User-focused design strategy from expert product development and design team
  • Technology and innovation consulting for in-depth market and competition understanding
  • Custom mobile development on Android or iOS platforms, building cross-platform Apps
  • Multi-phase app testing to ensure quality and faster development
application development services | OpenTeQ
custom application development | OpenTeQ

Custom Application Development

OpenTeQ modernizes your application development by bringing together with agility, architecture, APIs, and cloud services, as opposed to traditional and standard applications used by many organizations. We have a user-specific approach that matches the need of your organization and brings you an enhanced user experience.

  • Focusing upon high quality and custom ideation, architecture while developing a custom mobile application.
  • Fostering efficient and seamless collaboration and communication between operations, engineering, and product development to bring the result that exceeds your expectations.
  • Internalization and localizations of web applications
  • A mobile application that runs on all platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Increased product performance, faster speed, high-end security

Application Maintenance

We can manage diverse and complex applications at a lower cost and with a faster response time. We help organizations to continuously reinvent their existing application for new functionality and requirements and meet their IT goals. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field help us to reduce the operation cost and the defect count significantly.

  • Application affinity assessment
  • Product evaluation
  • Internalization and localizations of web applications
  • Speed enhancement
  • Debugging and Error Tracking
  • Comprehensive backend support
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Product Deployment
application maintenance services | OpenTeQ
application modernization | OpenTeQ

Application Modernization

To keep pace with your competitors and the market digitally organization must modernize their applications continually and support their business agility. OpenTeQ employs proprietary tools and methodologies to assess your business application portfolio and identify the best set of practices to modernize your existing application through new channels.

  • Environment Site Survey
  • Optimizing applications and features
  • Database normalizing
  • Design and Architecture
  • Rapid deployment and practice

Legacy Migration

Many organizations still have applications made based on older technologies, and hardware, which are mostly large, difficult to modify and monolithic. OpenTeQ helps companies to become digital enterprises through migration or legacy transformation. The method includes the re-engineering of the existing process for eliminating the risk of failure and make overall improvements.

  • Help organizations to take a decision on migrating their legacy application
  • Web-enabling with latest technologies
  • Testing, maintenance, and quality control
  • Offering flexibility and scalability
  • Reducing operational cost with new-age applications
legacy migration | OpenTeQ
system integration | OpenTeQ

System Integration

Every organization needs a centralized network to solve IT problems. OpenTeQ ensures reliable, scalable, and flexible IT system integration services to build a process and connects an organization's functions and streamlines disparate systems (including software and hardware).

  • Developing tailored and industry-standard applications with expertise and technology
  • Finding the right solution for your integration needs
  • Consolidating your systems, modernizing your integration, and looking for an easier way to integrate your business ecosystem
  • Flexible mechanisms (such as services and SOA) for enterprise-level integration
  • Rapid deployment and practice

EDI Services

Across all the industries organizations are experiencing rapid growth in their network with their business partners. Thus, now it is mandatory to acquire a large number of B2B processes and monitor them continuously. OpenTeQ offers a fully managed and 24/7 EDI services to integrate with trading partners via EDI/B2B seamlessly.

  • Routing & processing of EDI Messages with industry standards
  • Replacing outdated EDI solutions
  • EDI cloud services
  • Insights of latest EDI topics
  • Flexible and Scalable EDI solutions
  • Complete EDI library
edi services provider | OpenTeQ
ui ux design | OpenTeQ


OpenTeQ applies interactive and visual design principles in web applications and web services for positive and cohesive user experience. And we focus on creating persuasive, meaningful interaction across the omnichannel journey if various companies and industries. Over the decades, we are developing numerous web and mobile applications for our clients and increase their productivity and revenue footprint.

  • Responsive UI/UX for every device (Android and iOS)
  • Application redesigning with set adjectives, and while comprehending your user and re-examine your substance.
  • Generate more speed, value, insight and quality at a lower cost and reduced risk
  • Improve the organization's competitive advantages and support strategic business strategies.
  • Increase the agility of performance of existing application through attractive UI/UX

OpenTeQ Highlights to achieve your full application services

  • The systematic application development process for the highest quality apps
  • Strict quality control from the inception of the project until support
  • Extensive research and unique solution for your business
  • Attractive, engaging, affordable, and secure apps tailored for your needs
  • Thorough application testing to ensure maximum usability
  • Strict delivery timelines with smooth deployment
  • Brand focused and customized mobile apps for all platforms

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