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More and more enterprises are preferring nearshore development services to outsource their projects. Nearshore development is the practice of transferring a part of a project or a complete project to other companies near your business location. Most of the companies prefer nearshore development want to have more specific technical services.

Besides, you need to look for a company that can work in the same time zone as yours and impact your workflow. Therefore, it's essential to stay relatively close to the company that's handling your project. OpenTeQ is one of the most popular nearshore outsourcing companies for the USA's neighboring countries for sharing the same cultural approach and economic environment

We maintain a flawless balance between talent acquisition and costs. And we have emerged as a highly attractive nearshore development company for global companies looking to establish their specialized centers in the USA. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we allow rapid international expansion for our clients. We hire bilingual and experienced teams who can continuously communicate with your organization and are ready to travel to your workplace for meetings and collaborations.

We facilitate our clients with the ideas and projects that they want to implement. And we proudly take part in your decision-making process.

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Enhance Your Team with Cost-Effective and Agile Outsourcing Services at OpenTeQ

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We know that remote work has become the norm of the industry. With our nearshore outsourcing service, we guide our clients to focus on their IT functions. We also define what exactly nearshore outsourcing is and why this is one of the evolving business strategies for many organizations.

We are characterized by our passion and innovative spirit and continuously strive to fulfill your vision through best in class services. Our business values guide us in all that we do to augment your organization and improve productivity.

Benefits of OpenTeQ
Nearshore Development Outsourcing Service

Short Flight Times | OpenTeQ

Short Flight Times

The most overlooked yet beneficial factor of nearshore is that you can get face-to-face interaction with your team supported by shorter flight times compared to offshore development outsourcing. When we compare offshore, and nearshore outsourcing, nearshores primary advantage has an external team who can work during your regular business hours. You can anytime visit your outsourced team for meetings.

Better Infrastructure | OpenTeQ

Better Infrastructure

You can prefer nearshore development outsourcing for some particular projects for which you think your existing resources and infrastructure will not be enough. At OpenTeQ, we make sure that all your infrastructure requirements are met. We develop ourselves while keeping pace with the current technologies and trends so that your business requirements stay in place with us. We are experienced in handling different projects from different backgrounds.

Improved Communication | OpenTeQ

Improved Communication

There is nothing more beneficial than being able to communicate with your extended team at any time when you need it. Nearshore development outsourcing enables improved communication between your internal and external team. We deploy a development team that can seamlessly work on your regular business hours and remains available and easy to reach whenever you feel the need for a power discussion.

Lower Cost | OpenTeQ

Lower Cost

This is probably one of the most significant advantages of nearshore outsourcing. Being a complete IT service provider, we offer our services more cost-effectively than others. With an experienced and skilled team, we lead your project to efficiency. As we are located in your proximity, our costs are in your budget, and sometimes they are lower than what you are paying to your organization's employees. Nearshore development outsourcing helps you to reduce cost as compared to hiring in house.

No Fixed Overheads | OpenTeQ

No Fixed Overheads

Nearshore development outsourcing is precisely the opposite of an in-house hiring process. Whereas in in-house hiring, you are liable to pay a fixed cost to your employees every month, you pay only for the project you have outsourced in a nearshore development outsourcing. In nearshore development, you can scale up or down your company's requirements without any fixed costs. You can reduce or add extra resources in demand.

Talent Availability | OpenTeQ

Talent Availability

We find talents that can work on the same schedule as your internal team does. We hire candidates who possess the technical skills you require and speak the same language. At OpenTeQ, we provide quality and specialized services to the companies that have outsourced their projects to us. We hire experienced candidates who have years of experience working with different projects from different sectors.

Nearshore Development Center at OPENTEQ

OpenTeQ has helped many businesses redefine their software development and operations through the nearshore development model. We pick the industry's best practices and adhere to the latest digital innovation while offering end-to-end nearshore development services to our clients. With OpenTeQ, you get the benefit of highly skilled talent in attractive pricing and also can get real-time collaborations with our team as per your convenience.


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