Managed Services for business|Benefits of Managed IT Services - OpenTeQ

Managed Services for business|Benefits of Managed IT Services - OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Aug 7,2020
Managed Services for business|Benefits of Managed IT Services - OpenTeQ

Why choose Managed Services | Benefits of Managed IT Services

As technology is evolving businesses are evolving with it. Technology has helped make modern-day business more efficient, through the great insights and data now available every step of the way.

A small tip for those still relying on an in-house IT team. It just isn’t as efficient, as most companies do not have the resources or system capabilities to handle a developing digital business.

Thus far you may have just set aside the notion of outsourcing support because your IT infrastructure is “fine.” Or even because of the cost. Now is the time to rethink that idea.

IT Managed Services such as IT Managed consulting might be just the thing you are looking for!

What are IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services are offered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These IT Managed Services range from around the clock monitoring to Issue resolution. Managed Services Providers can take responsibility for either a small portion of the IT systems within a business; or even the entirety of them.

These IT Managed Services are usually specified based on the agreement between the Managed Service Provider and a particular organization. Then once agreeable terms are reached a Service Level Agreement is procured.

What are some kinds of IT Managed Consulting Services offered by MSPs?

Firstly, what is IT Managed Consulting? It is when the IT needs of a particular company, enterprise, or organization is outsourced to an IT Managed Services Provider.

But what kind of IT Managed Consultative Services are available on the market?

There are various types of IT Managed Consulting Services that organizations can benefit from through the use of an IT Managed Services Provider.

  • 24/7 IT Support

    With the help of certain IT Managed Consulting services organizations can provide a virtual helpdesk that is available around the clock. This means end-users can report problems as soon as they come up.

    This is one of the reasons why the in-house IT team may not be the perfect fit. As to why one should outsource some of the work to an IT Managed consulting services provider.

    When an end-user has an issue beyond the regular office hours, they would receive much better customer support and care.

  • Easily Accessible Desktop

    As more people shift to a work from home model, they need to be able to access information on the go. Now as the desktop itself can be offered as a service, employees will be able to access it from any location.

  • Managed Hosting

    An IT Managed Consulting Service could also include a managed hosting plan. Which is when an MSP hosts all of your apps and systems. This helps create a versatile, and flexible environment that allows you to scale up or scale down with ease.

  • Managed Network

    Always running into network issues? Need things to run smoother? Want expert monitoring around the clock? Need well-configured firewalls? Then you may find that IT Managed Consulting might just be the easiest solution.

  • Managed Security

    When running an IT company, your business should take care of all security issues before it becomes an IT disaster. How much access should your employees have? Can they work efficiently with the limited freedom they have?

    This is a big part that must be handled by your Managed Services Provider. They can strike that balance which prioritizes security while giving employees the freedom needed to work efficiently. They can help your organization prevent data leaks and other malicious threats.

    High-level security is a priority for small businesses, but it is also very important for public sector companies and those who store sensitive data.

The Benefits of Choosing to Use IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services can be availed through MSPs, and they act as an IT managed consulting service. In this way, they can offer consistent monitoring and solutions. IT Managed Services just make the whole process a lot simpler.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced Costs

    Yes, that’s right! You can cut back on your costs. This is mainly due to the predictability and transparency of expenses that are offered by IT Managed Consulting Services. The cost will usually not exceed the agreed monthly or yearly amount.

    This is much more helpful for small businesses as they do not have to put down as great of an upfront investment.

  • Increased Scalability

    A Managed Services Provider will be able to beat that of an understaffed and overwhelmed in-house IT team, that barely knows what they are doing. When working on such a day to day basis it can be hard for your business to grow.

    Scaling a network is often a lot of work, it requires a great deal of expertise that is not always available inhouse. It also takes a lot of manpower and heavy expenditure on new equipment.

    Whereas, a Managed Service Provider will be able to cover all of that while being able to swiftly make changes to your existing network.

  • Minimized Downtime

    Computers malfunction. Servers fail. Equipment issues tend to be the root cause of most of these issues. Most companies lack the proper expertise and implement redundant equipment that is not always up to the mark.

    Downtime is very disruptive to most business processes. This is why it can help make your organization more efficient when you take the help of an IT managed consulting service provider.

  • Preventative Approach

    A successful organization should have a mindset focused on the future. You can’t live only in the present, you must also anticipate the problems of tomorrow. Which is quite often easier said than done. Especially within small start-up companies.

    More often than not, the in-house IT team is swamped with work. Doesn’t have the ability to react beforehand. As most of them react to situations rather than adapt to the future.

    When something goes wrong, such as a mass equipment failure. Or if something is damaged. There will be a huge dent within the company's budget. Often one that puts a deep strain on company resources, taking away essential resources for business development.

    These are things that you wouldn’t have to worry about when you rely on an IT Managed Services provider.

  • Narrowed Focus

    When you hire an MSP it frees up our IT team. This allows businesses to relocate those resources to much more important aspects of your business. A workforce that is swamped will not be able to work up to its full capacity.

    With the addition of an MSP, a company or organization can restructure their entire workflow to prioritize efficiency. With a lower cost on equipment management, your business can reassign those resources to their focus area.

    With the automation of menial tasks with the help of an MSP, employees will be able to focus their time on innovation as the pressure is lifted on repetitive daily tasks.

  • New Technology

    New technology is the most expensive investment in the IT industry. But without it, one would not be able to boost their efficiency or use their resources to the fullest. A successful business should be able to identify which technologies would help them the most.

    This is again one of the major benefits of using an MSP, as they can take care of that for you. You would no longer have to worry about outdated systems or unfulfilled investments.

  • Expert Guidance

    Each employee in your company will be accustomed to certain technologies that they use daily. It is not fair to expect them to adapt to a completely new form of technology. Even if they can adapt to it, they will not be able to perform as well as a group of experts with lots of experience with those technologies

    An MSP can provide your company with experts in the field who were trained to operate that particular piece of technology.

Are Managed Services A good fit for my Organization?

IT Managed Services are proving to a cost-efficient way in which small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises can increase efficiency and hence their competitive edge.

An established IT Managed Service Provider will be able to guide your company with a commitment to growth. IT Managed Services would be good for companies both large and small.

Small companies without a vast IT team, would need this service to boost their efficiency and cut back on expenditure.

But a large enterprise well versed in the industry can also benefit from these Managed Services. Although they may have great resources and a highly qualified in-house IT team, they would be able to still reduce their workload and cut back on overhead costs.

To put it simply and to be crisp. We can conclude that IT Managed Consulting is very helpful for organizations of all sizes.

Is the IT Industry the only place MSPs are needed?

No that is not at all the case. Managed Services are helpful across a broad range of industries. Although IT companies may benefit the most from them. These IT managed services can take care of any organization’s IT needs.

Making them viable for most sectors and organizations of all sizes.

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