The top tech trends of 2020 | OpenTeQ

The top tech trends of 2020 | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Dec 30,2019
The top tech trends of 2020  | OpenTeQ

According to the survey of #gartner in 2020, #technologies will move toward the main stream and begin impacting daily life. The next generation of wireless networks, #5G, will begin to take hold, for example, and may work as a catalyst for other things like smart cities and smarter mobile and wearable devices.

Tech companies (and their investors) will be more aware of the public’s expectation that new products solve real, non-trivial, problems.

Innovative solutions to move your business forward

The role of #AI will increase in business, and the public will become more aware of it. AI has the potential to democratize healthcare. With a natural place in virtually all areas of care, from prevention to diagnosis to treatment, it can lower costs, provide greater access, and give everyone the very best doctor, leveling the playing field on a global scale.


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