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Experience A Fast Paced A Development Cycle with Our Dedicated Team Model.

We can call the dedicated team model a personal team model too. Sometimes when your projects have unclear requirements and the scopes change frequently, you may need a long-term alliance with the candidates. You can also hire a dedicated team when your existing team lacks the required skills in some areas. The main goal of hiring a dedicated team is to get an extended team to provide quality and unique solutions for a specific project.

Our dedicated team is a remote team for your company, which is also an extension of your primary team. Our dedicated team has different management and framework, and you may also consider it full-time outsourcing with direct reporting to your company.

At OpenTeQ, we focus upon your requirement outlines and also consider the number of candidates that you require for your project and the tech skills the candidates should possess. We provide a dedicated team that can correspond to your project requirements and ready to work during regular hours.

We ensure that our clients have complete control over the team, and our dedicated team services are concentrated to bring the best results to the clients.

dedicated teams | OpenTeQ

Benefits of Having A Dedicated Team from OpenTeQ

Pre-screened Candidates | OpenTeQ
Pre-screened Candidates

When you hire a dedicated team from OpenTeQ technology, you don't need to waste your time appointing inappropriate team members because we pre-screen every potential candidate before hiring them for your business. We keep your needs as our highest priority and hire candidates who can perfectly fit your expectations.

Fast Team Formation | OpenTeQ
Fast Team Formation

We create a dedicated team to work for our clients in a fast and flexible way. We understand your necessity for a dedicated team for various projects, and we also keep your evolving needs for dedicated team members in mind. OpenTeQ focuses upon the constant redeployment of new staff members in your project whenever you need us.

Non-Disclosure | OpenTeQ
Non-Disclosure Agreement

We at OpenTeQ check every candidate's background and ensure that they can a safe and secure working process. We also ensure that all your business practices, properties, and everything that matters to you remains confidential and secure with the team and us.

Experienced Team | OpenTeQ
Experienced Team

We believe in hiring the candidates for our dedicated team who have diverse technological experience so that you can receive a variety of knowledge for your projects. We monitor the candidates even after joining your team and organizing monthly knowledge-sharing events to develop further the candidates you have hired or going to hire in the future.

Attention to detail | OpenTeQ
Attention to Detail

We understand that everything that adds value to your business matters to you at the end of the day. As your employees are the most incredible resources for your business, we pay attention to every detail while hiring them to add value to your business. After years of experience, we know how to make the complex hiring process easy.

Transparency | OpenTeQ
We Believe in Transparency

We have a core value of transparency in our business. From the beginning of the hiring process until deploying a dedicated team to your business, we define our transparency value at every stage. It helps us to get more feedback from our clients and to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.

partner with | OpenTeQ

Why partner with OpenTeQ?

  • We have created our dedicated team model to fulfill our client's needs, and project requirements will stop we understand your business to achieve mutual success.
  • Our research team focuses on headhunting to boost the speed of hiring talented candidates who can fit your requirements.
  • We search for our dedicated team members by reviewing resumes, databases, and other external sources. We believe in recruiting the best in the field to cover our client's expectations.
  • We evaluate our dedicated team continuously and regularly, and we are aware of our team members' strengths and weaknesses.
  • We offer employee training for mentoring the new team members before deploying them into your business.

Dedicated Team Options, You Get at OpenTeQ

Dedicated Teams | OpenTeQ

Dedicated Teams

We make the process of hiring a dedicated team model cost-effective, simple, and easy for your business. We walk through the laborious process and consider numerous factors to find 100% fitting candidates for your project.

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BOT-Build-Operate-Transfer | OpenTeQ

Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT)

We also offer build-operate-transfer contracts to our clients who want us to set up, optimize, and run their IT process and deliver the operation within the stipulated time.

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