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Mobile applications help your business to create better engagement with your customers. You can leverage mobile technology for your business with a well-developed mobile app. At OpenTeQ, we provide mobile application related services such as app development, testing, support, and maintenance.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the keystone for every business in this digital age. Applications running on smart devices give the customers greater access to company-related resources and also gives the companies a chance to acquire more business opportunities. Devices relying on apps like smartphones have become omnipresent across various industries and markets. And by developing your mobile application, you can tap into the ostensibly endless market and enlarge your reach for your long-term growth goals in a much shorter time frame.

OpenTeQ provides multi-platform applications so that your company's application can exist in any of the existing smart device ecosystems. We make sure that your business is not limited to a specific sub section of the market or in a specific device. Help your business to reach anyone with any device making the best application does that facilitate communication with your target audience.

  • Help you fortify your application and business plans
  • Conduct a thorough analysis to ensure the most robust strategy before starting the development
  • Build awareness so that your potential clients, customers, and users can find and know about your application
  • Custom design application to fit your needs
  • App porting with different operating system for better programming
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mobile app development | OpenTeQ
mobile app support maintenance | OpenTeQ

Mobile App Support Maintenance

OpenTeQ team is available at any time of the day at your service. We dedicate our days to the idea that we are all part of the team who won't leave you hanging. We are a group of passionate UI/UX designers, developers, digital marketers who devote themselves to creating the best possible experience with the perfect blend of exceptional design, enhanced functioning, and extraordinary support. Our job does not end at the very moment when your application is launched. But we help you to market your application in front of the right audience. We cater to a wide range of industries, and we serve globally.

Our experts are knowledgeable and skilled to understand the core requirements of every business and their target market to build support and maintain your application the way that fits you the best. Whether you are a startup, a business enterprise or a Fortune 500 company, hiring OpenTeQ for your mobile application development will turn out to be the most excellent decision you would ever make.

  • Align with clients preferred service delivery model
  • Deep industry experience
  • Vision to build digital transformation
  • 24/7 support team
  • Time to time application analysis and report
  • Competence testing and improvements
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Mobile Application Testing

To keep pace with the industry and your competitors, your mobile application needs to get analyzed and improved with time. OpenTeQ provides mobile testing services to enterprise companies to streamline their mobile development process. We include enterprise-grade app distribution platform for Android and iOS, which is highly configurable and tightly secured. We provide our customers with bugs reporting and also suggest the best possible ways to increase the quality of their mobile application.

We follow all major security standards while testing your mobile application to ensure you stay compliant. We have a perfect team who works remotely and look for ways to stay coordinated while testing your mobile application with powerful insights. We help our customers to fully understand their user behaviour by providing detailed app metrics and make you aware of your users' detailed environment conditions.

  • Detailed logs
  • Easy trace of errors
  • App metrics
  • Continuous integration
  • Issue tracking
  • Feedback
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mobile application testing | OpenTeQ
user experiences | OpenTeQ

User Experiences

OpenTeQ does not believe in meeting the customer expectations for the experience, but we anticipate exceeding them. We believe that what you do matters more than what you promise. With integrated user strategy design and technology, we try to create a transformative experience that impacts your customers business and employees. We focus on improving customer loyalty engagement and retention.

We are aligning user-centric design to your business strategy using our design thinking. You get high-quality experience based on empathy analytics and the right technology that helps in engaging your customers and employees in a meaningful way. OpenTeQ helps you pioneer next-generation experience and enable customer-centric growth.

  • Customer and channel planning
  • Content and brand strategy
  • Platform integration and digital Commerce strategy
  • Mobile design and development
  • Marketing platform integration
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Versatile and Easy to Use Applications to Enhance Your User Experience

  • Cognitive problem management
  • Quality engineering
  • Resilient design
  • Mobile application maintenance and enhancement
  • Short release cycles improved time to value
  • Aggressive and integrated service level agreements
  • Emerging security threat models
  • effective governance
  • Optimized multi-cloud usage
  • Improved service agility with end to end service management

Technology Expertize

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  • ionic | OpenTeQ
  • flutter | OpenTeQ
  • apple | OpenTeQ
  • Android | OpenTeQ
  • xamarin | OpenTeQ

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