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Guidewire’s Property & Casualty Insurance Platform allows insurance companies to simplify their IT, boost customer engagement, increase innovation. OpenTeQ’s experience consultants can enable your customers, insurance agents, claims personnel and other stake holders use Guidewire Insurance Suite to run more efficient and improved operations.

Guidewire provides flexible and scalable core system software covering all the aspects of insurance life cycle such as enterprise content management, underwriting, agency systems, policy administration, billing, claims, fraud management, and reinsurance management. OpenTeQ helps insurance companies transform core systems using Guidewire solutions. Our team of skilled and certified Guidewire professionals is proficient in carrying out Guidewire software configuration and implementations. OpenTeQ works with insurance companies to align Guidewire applications with business objectives to prevent vulnerabilities from the implementation and deliver the project on time and within budget.

Core Systems Implementation

Every core system of an insurance company needs to consume a certain level of information to send updates. Our team of professionals have the expertise in delivering cost-effective services which are enriched with all proven methodologies. Through our service trail of configuration, integration, and conversion, we can provide a great result to our customers which exceeds their expectations.

For holding the expertise in most of the industry-leading requirements and management solutions, we can become your most reliable partner in core system implementation.

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Guidewire Upgrades

New releases and upgrades impact the existing infrastructure and make the companies more competitive and challenging in the ever-changing climate. Our team of expert professionals carry out the technical upgrades in the implemented functionality of the Guidewire application. Taken from upgrading the application database, implementing the screen configuration to building the Guidewire part of other applications, we do everything that lies in between.

We use our excellence to upgrade the pre-installed Guidewire software to its newest version, which is followed by a thorough test to resolve the defects in the application configuration. After the process is completed, we return the Guidewire to then clients and make sure they are guided for the installation and testing of the same.

We make sure each of our clients receives the best ROI with low risk and efficient plans also ensure that their Guidewire remains up to date and upgraded. Since last many years, we have delivered outstanding results to our customers through our leading upgrading ability and practical and thorough approach.

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Production Support & Enhancements

Extraordinary production support is the key to achieve the organizational goals for the guidewire technology solution and to enhance the competency of the organization. We adhere to a global support model to provide our clients with continuous and cost-effective services.

We are reliable, responsive and offer cost-effective onshore and offshore models for production support of our clients. We keep a constant eye on the guidewire systems of our clients and quicken our responding time to make sure that they are in their best possible state.

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end to end testing

End to End Testing

OpenTeQ has deep and many years of experience in Guidewire suite testing that offers a full range of testing services including Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression testing, Performance testing and security testing of the guidewire solution. Apart from the natural and prevalent test assets, OpenTeQ has also developed reusable assets to enhance the testing approach of the company.

We use a model-based testing methodology that ensures the application meets the desired performance criteria. Our efficient and effective test automation strategy helps you to get the highest return of investment from the guidewire system. Our long-term solution focuses upon customer-specific testing models which can generate plans, assets, and test cases.

Guidewire Test Automation

OpenTeQ provides methodologies and framework to reduce the cost while enhancing the quality of the guidewire implementation. Our team of quality assurance professionals take care of all the complicated and critical functionalities across the Guidewire insurance application which include test case design, script generation, execution, and reporting. We keep the track record of all the automatic and manual guidewire testing to automate the application rapidly while keeping the data secure.

The test automation helps an organization in many ways, from development to production support. The end to end automation in the Guidewire insurance suite eliminates the risk of data security and higher chance of quality delivery through accelerated deployment and quality analytics.

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Guidewire Staffing

Apart from providing extraordinary Guidewire services we also offer certified and experienced Guidewire professionals across many roles including.

  • Guidewire Project Management
  • Guidewire On-Demand Developers & QA
  • Guidewire Business Analysts
  • SCRUM Training and Coaching
  • Configuration and Integration.

OpenTeQ Highlights to achieve your guidewire application services

  • Faster delivery, automation from sprint 1 with pre-built test cases for Guidewire InsuranceSuite
  • Increase in the sprint velocity and early Continuous Testing to reduce the overall release cycle time
  • Early detection with high test coverage and more defect detection
  • Faster returns on investment
  • Increased Manageability
  • Test documentation and traceability against requirements

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