Top 4 benefits to customers from Guidewire’s switch to three annual cloud releases!

Top 4 benefits to customers from Guidewire’s switch to three annual cloud releases!

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 5,2023
Top 4 benefits to customers from Guidewire’s switch to three annual cloud releases!

Guidewire, a leading provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has announced a major shift in its release strategy by moving to three cloud releases per year. This change is aimed at accelerating innovation and improving customer experience by delivering new features and enhancements more frequently.

The move to three cloud releases per year signifies Guidewire's commitment to agile and customer-centric software development practices. It allows the company to respond more quickly to changing customer needs and market trends, and to deliver value to its customers in a timely manner. With more frequent releases, customers can expect to receive updates and improvements more regularly, keeping their software solutions up-to-date and aligned with their business requirements.

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Guidewire's move to three cloud releases per year is expected to have several benefits for its customers, including:

1. Faster access to new features and enhancements: With more frequent releases, customers can take advantage of the latest innovations and improvements in Guidewire's software solutions sooner, helping them stay competitive in the dynamic insurance industry.

2. Improved flexibility and agility: More frequent releases allow customers to adapt to changing business needs and market requirements more quickly, as they can leverage new features and enhancements in a more-timely manner.

3. Reduced risk and enhanced security: Frequent releases also enable Guidewire to address security vulnerabilities and apply patches more promptly, ensuring that customers' software solutions are protected against potential threats.

4. Increased customer engagement and feedback: More frequent releases provide more opportunities for customer engagement and feedback, allowing Guidewire to gather valuable insights and input from its customers to further improve its software solutions.

Overall, Guidewire's move to three cloud releases per year demonstrates its commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. By delivering updates and enhancements more frequently, the company aims to provide its customers with cutting-edge software experience that meets their evolving needs and helps them succeed in the competitive insurance market.

How do you get certified as a Guidewire Professional?

Guidewire offers certification programs for individuals who want to gain expertise in their software solutions, such as Guidewire Claim Center, Guidewire Policy Center, and Guidewire Billing Center. Becoming Guidewire certified typically involves the following steps:

1. Gain Experience: To become certified in Guidewire solutions, you would typically need to have relevant experience working with that particular solution. This may involve working with Guidewire software in a professional capacity, gaining hands-on experience with the software, and familiarizing yourself with its functionalities, features, and best practices.

2. Take Certification Exams: Guidewire certification exams typically assess your knowledge and skills related to a specific software solution. The exams may be administered online and may consist of multiple-choice questions, scenarios, or practical exercises. You would need to register for the certification exam, pay any applicable fees, and then take the exam at a designated testing center or online, depending on the exam format.

3. Achieve Passing Score: To become Guidewire certified, you would need to achieve a passing score on the certification exam. The passing score may vary depending on the specific certification and the exam requirements. Once you pass the exam, you will be awarded the Guidewire certification, which validates your expertise in the respective software solution.

4. Maintain Certification: Guidewire certifications may have expiration dates, and you may need to renew your certification periodically by meeting certain requirements, such as completing continuing education, attending refresher courses, or taking updated exams, to maintain your certified status.

It's important to note that the specific certification process and requirements may vary depending on the Guidewire software solution you are seeking certification in, and it's recommended to refer to the official Guidewire website or contact Guidewire directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information on their certification programs.

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