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OpenTeQ is a Salesforce consulting company with deep industry experience delivering solutions and accelerators to enable Salesforce transformation. Our Salesforce consulting services are designed with proven methodologies to make the most of your Salesforce CRM investment. We provide sophisticated and end-to-end Salesforce professional services to unite sales, service, marketing, finance, IT and most importantly, your customers.We ensure successful delivery of your every solution by adding end-user training and adoption, together with Salesforce integration services, Salesforce applications and extensive Salesforce support service.

Salesforce Application Development Offerings by OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ expertise covers various Salesforce development services and products, including:

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Setup and Configuration

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Custom Salesforce Development

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Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce Mobile App Development

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Salesforce Health Check

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Salesforce CRM

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Lightning

How We Improve Your Use Of Salesforce

We help you put your customer at the forefront of every business decision. We are one of the best Salesforce consulting companies to kickstart your Salesforce transformation journey. Our experts enable you to leverage the best of technology in the form of Salesforce automation, Salesforce cloud services and Salesforce CRM software development.

  •    Improved customer visibility .Give your clients the level of personal attention that they deserve, by quickly accessing accounts, contacts, tasks, events, and any relevant personal data
  •    Superior time management .Make the most of your time with Salesforce solutions that help you manage multiple demanding responsibilities.
  •    Efficient sales pipeline .Connect with potential customers and generate valuable leads that move through the sales pipeline toward full commitment.
  •    Enhanced collaboration . Ensure customer success with a cloud-based, cross-department platform that enables authorized individualsto work together.
  •    Better support .Guarantee full functionality with superior Salesforce support for immediate issue resolution and reduced downtime.

Our Salesforce solutions provide your organization with the tools you need to improve your performance, boost your revenue, and increase your overall ROI.

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