AI Driven Cloud Security & its Importance | OpenTeQ

AI Driven Cloud Security & its Importance | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Sep 26,2020
AI Driven Cloud Security & its Importance | OpenTeQ

With the growth of an era where content and other files are being stored on the platform of Cloud and Cloud Services are being used more often, it is essential as an individual or a business enterprise that Artificial Intelligence is also at its peak of advancements. With that being said, it is essential to know that Artificial intelligence or better known as AI is known better for its adaptations in various areas, one of the best areas of growth has been in terms of AI-Driven Cloud Services which has had a better benefit for several business enterprises as well as individuals around the globe. This has invariably allowed cloud making AI accessible to individuals around the globe and companies functioning in the niche of AI-Driven Cloud Solutions.

This is an infrastructure that basically provides challenges in terms of Cloud Security and affordability to build such an infrastructure.

In this article, we would be discussing topics and how it would help you as an individual that could be very informative in terms of Cloud Security and Cloud Services. This is vital in terms of having an AI-Driven Cloud Security carries a number in terms of the importance that it carries in the long run.

A Sneak Peek into AI-powered Cloud Security

With that being said, one major question that arises when you hear AI-powered Cloud security is what is it and how does it concern us? In this segment, AI-Powered Cloud security is a concept that is to be known better for a better understanding and conceptualization. We as individuals do know that moving data to cloud-based solutions and platforms do come with various advantages of having a space to store information but also comes with an added threat that needs to be addressed. It is needless to say that Cloud Security is completely different as compared to traditional security concerns that come up and the principles applied to both or it could be quite different.

It is important to understand that currently several organizations around the world typically use a combination of cloud services and traditional IT and due to the same reason, there are security solutions that are required to protect both- cloud services as well as the traditional IT that companies use. With the growth of usage of the cloud services, the security controls that are currently being used across the world for the data centers may not be suitable for the new threats and challenges that they would face in the coming times and hence big data, regulatory, and compliance requirements and individuals with necessary skills that could be incorporated into the security teams all together add up to the additional costs and complexity of security solutions of any company.

One very important good news that could be shared is that there are several security solutions that could be used and are available to address the challenges and threats that can quite to an extend solve problems of cloud security. In an ideal situation, an organization would want a security solution that would focus and aim at reducing workload over their security team and the training time involved to have a fair knowledge and support the solution better. Having a balance and difference between traditional security and cloud security is a critical concept to come down to ensure finding the correct security solution.

Therefore, to answer the basic question that may arise is why is cloud security important and what is cloud security? With that cloud security basically involves all the technologically and organization based solutions and policies and controls that ensure the security of a cloud platform and solution. This basically ensures that the purpose of ensuring the safety of data and the cloud architecture in itself is secure and has several governing policies in place. However, it is also important for you to understand that this would depend on your business requirements and would result in having a cloud provider that would cater to the cloud security solutions that they would provide. Moreover, it would be a joint responsibility of the business and the service provider of the cloud security provider to ensure that the data and files that the company saves, is a joint effort.

Considering that, a few objectives of cybersecurity that you would want to consider are:

  •    Protecting your data including the intellectual properties (IP) overcloud.
  •   Ensuring that privacy and private personal information of your client, customers, and your staff are protected and ensured that it is not leaked.
  •   It ensures that you have a system in place that ensures all the regulatory protocols and other regulations are in place that you would have to adhere to
  •   Proper rules and regulations are followed in terms of authenticating devices and users who are accessing the cloud network to ensure necessary precautions and prevention methodologies are used.

Therefore, cloud security is exactly used and can be custom-made and tailored according to the business requirements and ensures you can cover numerous nuances and authentication of users time and again and also restricting individuals and users that could be malicious or suspicious. The rules and regulations could be tailored and carried out in a manner that would involve only from a single node which will enable you to focus more on your business.


Growth in the usage of AI-Driven Cloud Solutions, it is also essential to understand why cloud security is important. Discussing a few key important reasons why cloud security is essential are given below:

a) Visibility

With visibility being one of the major challenges that are faced in cloud-based solutions, it is important to ensure that the visibility in terms of micro-servers, containers, and serverless is secure. This is because a traditional IT solution does not have the ability to view activity within a container and other events across microservers and hence leaving you to blind threats. Thus, cloud security is built in such a way that you could see these blind spots and purposefully built to protect you against them.

b) Ensures scalability and elasticity

cloud security systems ensure you are computing environments that are dynamic and on a temporary basis. Thus, to keep up with the changes that are in scale as well as demand, cloud security ensures you are agile, elastic, and have scalable capabilities to protect you from potential threats.

c) SaaS for true cloud security:

Having a SaaS model for cloud security ensures you have a benefit of the software vendor that is responsible for the service stack that you own and thus making you responsible for the entire software stack. This would give you an advantage in terms of having control over the operating system to the application involved.

It provides an overall and a holistic view of the threat that may occur to the files and documents that are saved and hence ensuring that you have control over the system through cloud security.

d) IaaS for risk control:

Infrastructure as a service is one of the models that help in controlling the cloud security. This is one of the AI-driven cloud security which has potentially helped in covering risks that may be caused due to insecure configuration or misconfiguration that may be caused for storage assets, services, instances, etc, and are heavily available in the cloud.

Therefore, to ensure that you have proper cloud-security, it requires cloud-native security solutions which can be concise into the following:

a) As mentioned above, visibility in terms of having clarity and visibility into microservers and containers which are important

b) You must be able to monitor your workload data and analyze the momentary, dynamic and temporary threats

c) Having a true SaaS software solution to monitor any kind of threat relating to the cloud.


Knowing the fact that with the growth in AI-Driven Cloud usage, its security is important. Since many organizations are shifting to the cloud for the exact same reasons, it is important that you have a changing and dynamic security model that can help in the constantly changing cloud environment which is by design. This majorly has to do with the microservers, containers, and serverless computing which may require management involvement and a separate team that would deal with the server provider interaction.

With dynamic changes in technologies, it is important to have a cloud security system that is used against the threats and can function against the hyper scalability and the dynamics of cloud solutions and this is where traditional IT security may not function.

Therefore, cloud security in today’s era is considered to be a necessity. With being designed in a way that cloud security ensures you can understand and have a correct response to the dynamic variations and aspects of cloud computing and solutions, you could involve data used in containers that are not possible with regards to a traditional security method that would not function and exist. Cloud security can be considered as one of the methods that are very effective in terms of securing resources that an organization would put out onto the cloud services and their computing environments.

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