Barriers of traditional outsourcing

Barriers of traditional outsourcing

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jan 27,2021
Barriers of traditional outsourcing

Outsourcing is a global process where organizations collaborate to work for one another for mutual benefits. In the last few years, there has been a significant change in the business sector. In this new Technologically advanced business era outsourcing is not just about saving and investing. It has become a strategic tool that allows completing the Technological development and marketing aspect of the business. Globalization has made this world small with huge opportunities in a click. With globalization, the investment of finance and expenses on marketing, production and sales keeps increasing. Thus, Software development and IT services have become a huge matter of concern for business enterprises due to the increasing competition in the market.

Increasing competition has made it crucial for businesses organizations to explore the technology-based marketing strategies which seem to be working wonders for enterprises. Business firms usually outsource the software development service providers due to the increasing expenses of the company and their inability to handle a larger workforce. Although outsourcing costs a fortune for a small business or a startup business, yet there are more pros to it than cons. In recent times the traditional barriers of outsourcing are efficiently scrutinized by several companies, one such being OPENTEQ.

OpenTeQ is a professional IT software development service provider. It offers services IT consulting, technology solutions and digital transformation services. OpenteQ is a trusted technology partner of businesses worldwide enabling them to leverage IT as a strategic asset. Empowered by industry expertise, technological excellence and trusted services.

How is openteq better than traditional outsourcing?

1. Contractual services:

  •  IT service providers like OpenteQ are bound to be committed by contractual norms and thus are more efficient in providing their services to the organization for a longer period.
  •  Moreover, they are an extension to the organization and their proceedings and procedures can be controlled by the client companies they work with, unlike outsourcing.
  •  Traditional Outsourcing was not a great option when it came to long term commitment, as the transition model worked with a lot of companies at a time and couldn't promise commitment.

2. Efficient and dedicated workforce:

  •  OpenteQ services provide an efficient workforce that is well trained and expert in their industry, they dedicate to your project and work according to your organizational standards and goals.
  •  Traditional Outsourcing may not be able to dedicate resources and sufficient working time towards completing your project due to the lack of structure and planning in the organizations.

3. Global delivery:

  •  OpenTeQ is a global organization and can work for any company irrespective of their nationality. Therefore, business services are globally available for large businesses in and around the world.
  •  The companies hiring can choose the best available talent according to the project, finance and expertise required.
  •  Initially, Traditional Outsourcing gave less or no choice when it came to choosing the best talent in the market based on organizational standards and goals because of the lesser number of organizations available.

4. Strategic planning :

  •  OpenteQ is bound to create a strategic plan for the execution and completion of the project. It also includes tests and procedures to examine software standards and reliability.
  •  Traditional Outsourcing worked on their norms and didn't prepare profound strategies for the organization.
  •  One of the reasons being OpenteQ offers long term contractual commitment that helps them tackle loopholes and work on the organization's plan.

5. Technical and industrial expertise:

  •  OpenteQ foresees problems and efficiently utilizes their expertise to prevent or overcome the technical and industrial barriers.
  •  They hire highly-qualified and experts in fields to work for your company's requirements. They prepare a team which is capable of taking challenges and overcoming obstacles to accomplish business objectives. After all, what is business without risks?

6. Application services:

  •  OpenteQ offers the best custom software development services that can cater to the organization's needs and makes workflow more efficient.
  •  Unlike traditional Outsourcing, OpenteQ prioritizes the client's company and its requirement to satisfy the objectives and the expectations of the customers.

7. Quality assurance:

  •  OpenteQ offers test advisory and software IT consultancy to assure quality. Quality assurance helps prevent mistakes and nullify obstacles in the process
  •  Traditional Outsourcing would not cater to the quality and standards of the organization. Here the main focus was the completion of projects and not the quality of the project.

8. Disruptive services:

  •  OpenteQ helps companies collaborate and strengthen business to work efficiently in the organization. It helps increase revenue and growth of the organization through mutual benefits.
  •  Traditional Outsourcing doesn't work with the disruptive principle of services.

9. Versatile expertise:

  •  OpenteQ offers software that is user friendly and versatile to enhance user experience. They have a strategic process to examine the software efficiency and test the ability of expertise.

10. Communication is key:

  •  One of the most important aspects of traditional Outsourcing which turns out to be a disadvantage is the miscommunication among organizations.
  •  OpenteQ prioritizes Communication and understands the importance of communicating with the client companies to correlate and collaborate the efforts and goals of both the organizations for their respective benefits.


OpenteQ offers IT and consultancy services that mark as a major advantage for companies looking for software and much more. OpenteQ, unlike traditional Outsourcing, provides

OpenteQ provides services that take your business through a cutting edge technological advancement, innovation and strategic planning with processing. OpenteQ also offers innovative services with technological transmission and agility.

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