9 Best App Management Platforms

9 Best App Management Platforms

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jan 17,2021
9 Best App Management Platforms

Digital handshakes are required by organizations between the software systems for scaling purposes. In order to exchange data across various different applications in an organization, Application Programming Interface (API) management tools are handy. With the help of cloud connection for connecting applications and data within an organization, the API management platforms help in creation, analysis and also to publish the web API's.

The best thing about these API management tools is the ability to create APIs unique to each application with proper integration. Using these API tools of management, the organizations are able to grasp the data better and respond to swift changes within their organization in a better way.

What are APIs?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of tools, definitions and protocols which are used for building and application software. APIs simplify the app development process which saves a lot of time for developers and companies' money. APIs give you flexibility, by simplifying designing and administration and provide a room for innovation.

APIs give a fundamental business value in the digital world with supporting internal innovation and enabling cross-enterprise agility, creating new products, revenue streams, etc.

Top API Management Platforms

9. Dell Boomi :

A 100% cloud based API solution, which helps the businesses to move, to manage and to administer data within the organization or cloud-based applications. Dell Boomi provides an extension of services and information between the enterprises and customers with ease. It's the only, scalable platform which provides endpoints as a web service.

8. Swagger Hub :

Swagger Hub is an API management platform for teams which constantly maintains the quality of their work and also provides authentic and faster API designs which allows them to accelerate their designing process. It allows the team to carry the development process smoothly as well as with standardized protocol.

Features offered by Swagger Hub : It has some very efficient features which would be helpful for better design consistency across Multiple API such as, powerful editor, smart error feedback, syntax auto-complexion and style validators.

7. Akana :

Akana is a platform which provides end-to-end API management solutions which is reserved for security, management and publishing. The API enables enterprises to standardise API and service delivery along with high security, availability and performance. This platform allows only the authorised users to access the data and applications. Akana reaches out to various digital channels, encouraging partner endorsement and also optimizes data transformation by doing the analytics.

Features provided by Akana : Central definition and management of security, routing, mediation, orchestration, auditing, threat protection,etc.

6. 3-Scale :

3scale | OpenTeQ

This is an easy to Manage APIs platform as 3Scale provides flexible and scalable solutions allowing the user to share, secure, distribute and to have complete control over each API in the organization. It focuses on performance, consumer control and saves the other users' time and efforts to begin from the very scratch. Users are able to share their organization's data and provide an API to internal teams as well as external organizations, etc.

5. CA API Management :

The CA API management platform offers tools that are designed to streamline development in order to integrate systems, organize data, adapt services, create APIs from various sources that are business-related. Developers are able to collaborate on various mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs) that are available out of the box, on this platform.

4. Wso2 App Cloud :

WSO2 is the best open source solution provider for API management, including features like full API lifecycle management, policy enforcement, customizability, and monetization. The custom features on this platform is suitable for both micro-service and monolithic architectures and also has functions for analysis which gives an insight into the API usage. It can be a central provider for applications that make use of multiple languages with support for multiple runtimes.

3. IBM API Connect :

IBM API Management is a platform that helps in managing the total API cycle. IBM API Connect is helpful for API creation and management as it provides a cloud based solution while also providing built in security and governance functionalities. This platform offers features that are capable of automating the API creation process based on Java runtime and Node.js. Analytics on API usages could be available to the consumers as well as API providers.

2. MuleSoft Anypoint :

The MuleSoft Platform is able to integrate the users with any data, application or device. The Anypoint Management Center would provide the visibility and control for ongoing projects for API's and applications. Developers have an upper hand because of the pre-built security policies in order to encrypt data or conform to industry compliance standards like the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ).

1 . Apigee :

Apigee allows creating API proxies and to enforce security protocols and practices across all API platforms.

Corporate API Integration

Integrating applications with internal and external systems is much necessary for organizations. This is necessary for the organizations in order to work seamlessly and act over the constant changes and developments within the organization. Thus, Application Programming Interfaces play a crucial role in the organization's development and in deploying of business and consumer facing applications. Not even a single application could be avoided in order to work seamlessly. Corporate API Integration is just like custom API integration.

Custom API Integration Solutions :

Custom Application Programming Interfaces (API) solutions provide services of development, integration, publishing, documentation, deployment, and constant maintenance of the APIs. Custom API also provides call management platforms for logging, authenticating and throttling API calls.

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