Cloud Computing | Empowering Businesses during COVID- 19

Cloud Computing | Empowering Businesses during COVID- 19

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Aug 18,2020
Cloud Computing | Empowering Businesses during COVID- 19

Cloud Services like Cloud hosting, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Migration are sure to be of even more importance especially amidst the pandemic. Those who have already adopted these Cloud Services before the COVID-19 outbreak stand to have even more of an advantage at this critical time.

So what can these cloud services do? They can in reality provide a seamless and fully operational workforce transformation; from a traditional office to a work from home scenario. In a way that reinforces employee collaboration.

So let us start picking at this topic by looking at cloud services in general and then looking at each of the particle cloud services in detail:

Cloud Services

So what can cloud services offer me? All cloud services would be fully managed by those specific cloud computing vendors. This is true when it comes to most cloud computing services like cloud hosting, cloud monitoring, cloud migration, and even most cloud transfer services.

So what makes cloud services useful amidst this global pandemic?

The first thing being scalability. A company would not need to invest resources out of pocket or allocate personnel to manage these services.

This in turn leads to the next thing, lowered costs. These cloud services are often offered on a monthly or yearly subscription. What does that mean? Well for starters you don’t need to pay all those hefty fees for software licenses. Or pay for maintenance. This helps you save money on even the underlying infrastructure

Beyond all of this, the thing that makes cloud services so valuable. The flexibility! That’s right. Things can be paid for on a demand basis. Once you find that you or your organization no longer need a certain platform or application, you can just cancel which just shuts down that particular service.

With these benefits, it is no surprise that cloud services are in-demand right now, especially amidst a global pandemic that has all our resources stretched to the maximum.

Cloud Hosting

So what is cloud hosting? And what makes cloud hosting different from a normal shared hosting plan? What makes it beneficial in times like this?

Cloud hosting is pretty much a form of web hosting but it is done through various servers. That way the load can be balanced and the uptime can be maximized. Cloud hosting services draw resources from a “cluster” or rather a pool of shared resources.

But that is what makes cloud hosting different from regular shared web hosting services. A traditional web hosting service uses a centralized approach. What’s the problem with this? Well, if that one server goes down every account on that server goes down with it.

Amidst the pandemic, such a situation would land a critical blow against many companies, especially start-ups. When the market is already down it is hard to manage such IT disasters.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is a technique that is carried out to help observe, revise, and manage the workflow of an organization featuring an IT infrastructure. Cloud Monitoring can be used for databases, websites, or even a virtual network.

Cloud Monitoring is helpful for scalability purposes. Especially in a time like this, when most employees are working from home, dedicated tools managed by the host can be used to monitor across various devices like tablets, phones, laptops, and desktop computers.

Cloud Security and management processes can be much easier to observe through Cloud Monitoring techniques. As it tends to provide a form of centralized access and has inbuilt automated software.

The most user-friendly option that makes Cloud Monitoring even more desirable is that it allows the administrator complete control and access over the system. Allowing the administrator to revise the health and operational status of each cloud-based device connected to your Cloud Monitoring System.

Cloud Migration

In the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, the process known as cloud migration can help cut down costs right away. But to understand how you need to know what Cloud Migration essentially is. As the word “migration” suggests it is a movement. But in this case, the movement of data.

Many small companies still utilize some forms of legacy infrastructure. Those are resources that are outdated yet still in use. Of course, this legacy infrastructure proves to be inefficient. In a time like this one cannot afford to fall behind their competitors. Which brings us back to the concept of Cloud Migration.

Cloud Migration is when all the data from the legacy infrastructure can be shifted over to the cloud. Legacy products and software are often not up to the mark and can also be unreliable, contain security loopholes, and slow down your general business processes.

With the help of Cloud Migration services, organizations can increase their scalability, optimize their costs, boost their performance, and increase their flexibility.

How Cloud Transfer Services Help during COVID-19

During this pressing time, cloud transfer services can be especially useful. In a work from home environment, cloud migration makes it easier for employees or clients to access the data they need through these cloud services.

While at the same time these cloud transfer services developed with the latest cloud migration technologies can help a business spread its wings over new territories. Cloud Transfer Services makes company data easily accessible to different groups of users at once.

At a time where face to face interaction is proving to be increasingly difficult, utilizing modern cloud transfer services empower your business to tap into a resource that makes communication and scalability a whole lot easier.

Future of Cloud Computing Technologies

Cloud Services in general are more and more prominent in modern society. These cloud services can bring forth a range of cutting edge resources that helps bring organizations into the next level.

One day soon, cloud services may become the backbone to a lot of industries through its various cloud transfer services, or through its cloud hosting, cloud monitoring, or even cloud migration technologies.

Is Cloud Computing Helpful to my Organization?

Cloud Services are beneficial to all, small organizations to large enterprises. The extra layer of security through cloud hosting, and cloud monitoring. The use of Cloud Transfer Services to move all of your data to a more accessible place.

These are things that are helpful in even a standard market scenario. But in a time like this, when the world is experiencing a pandemic, at a time where the market is upside down. It is a whole lot more important. Organization security, scalability, and budget issues have taken a front-row seat.

At this time it is hard to scale the growth of your organization let alone manage the existing pieces. Budgetary issues have become even more prominent placing a huge strain on various small organizations.

So the point being now is the time. It is the right time to put your resources into cloud services, perhaps revamp your organization with the latest cloud transfer services? Walk away from legacy technologies and embrace the latest technologies, which can help you boost your business.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of cloud technologies today? Maybe try some cloud services from a leading brand like OpenteQ?

An organization cannot go wrong by developing itself and relying on modern technologies and leading brands that can lead them towards a more successful business model.

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