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OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Aug 31,2020
Cloud Hosting Services | OpenTeQ

Cloud Hosting is a service that is offered to help businesses take care of their data storage and security needs. Cloud Migration is also used to transfer data from either one cloud to another or from some hardware to the cloud.

In this article, we will learn more about these cloud hosting and cloud transfer services.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a virtual space where all you have to do is get a good internet connection and a compatible device and you are ready to go. Gone are the days when all your data used to be there on a single machine, cloud hosting now spreads the data across different servers and machines that are connected.

With the innovative new form of technology known to us as cloud hosting the computing power of multiple forms of hardware can be used at once. It is due to this that many even opt for these cloud technologies. Not only has this but cloud hosting also provided you a choice to have either a public or private cloud.

Public Cloud

In the public cloud, there is a collection of machines that are connected through a network that holds the data for many sites. With a public cloud, the hardware that hosts your data is shared amongst those of various other virtual accounts.

Private Cloud

In a private cloud, the set-up doesn't share its infrastructure and resources with other users. As the name suggests a private cloud is indeed private, and it is solely dedicated to your organization and its needs.

Traditional Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

There are two main types of traditional web hosting-

  •  Shared Hosting
  •  Dedicated Hosting

One can opt for one of two types of hosting, one which is shared and another which is dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting

As with a shared cloud hosting plan, shared hosting is where the customer pays for a certain amount of storage space, which is then allocated to them within a single server. This server is a common place where multiple other websites also share. This plan is usually best for independent users as well as small businesses without a lot of data requirements.

Dedicated Hosting

Whereas in a Dedicated Hosting Plan, the customer pays to take full control of one or more of the servers to accommodate all of their data needs. So as the name suggests, the resources are allocated solely to that one client.

What else should you know?

Cloud hosting services are very new and secure when compared with traditional web hosting services. In traditional web hosting, the servers have limited storage that makes it difficult for companies to operate efficiently.

Cloud Hosting solves this very problem for businesses and enterprises of all sizes!

How Cloud Services can Help Businesses


Every website is allocated a fixed amount of processing power and storage space in traditional web hosting in shared hosting. Some cloud computing services also help their customers by providing the management portal that makes it easier for a consumer to use.


Talking about performance, cloud hosting once again beats the traditional web hosting. In shared hosting, it takes longer to process requests for information.. Speed is something that has to be taken care of in online businesses because most of the users will not return to the site if the web pages take too long to load. Also, there is a facility of customized arrangements in cloud hosting services.


Cloud hosting is the most secure hosting solution. Data encryption is offered by cloud hosting. Cloud hosting packages also allow monitoring tools to ensure top-level security. So this is the main reason as to why cloud hosting services are preferred.


There is a huge variation in the price breakdown of traditional web-hosting as compared to normal cloud hosting services. Normally web hosting services are offered on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. But cloud services are offered on a pay as you go basis. When it comes to the cheapest solution, shared hosting is the best path to take. Nevertheless, cloud hosting services are also quite convenient.

This is sure to help customers out a lot more because they don’t have to spend on technology or resources that they don’t use.

Cloud Services you ought to know about!

Below we can see some basic cloud services that are usually offered:

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is the process of evaluating, monitoring, and managing cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure. To view the web pages, access the email accounts using the internet is what cloud monitoring is all about for consumers. Talking about the business owners, there are business applications that can be subscribed by them to provide the services to the consumers.

Cyber security and speed are the major concerns about cloud monitoring. There are some benefits of cloud monitoring like many tools can be used on multiple types of devices such as desktop, computers, tablets, and phones. Organizations of various sizes can use cloud monitoring to improve their performance. In my opinion, cloud monitoring is a must for every organization for security and efficient performance.

Cloud Transfer Services

Copying, moving or, migrating files from one cloud to another, is the assistance offered by these cloud transfer services. There are features like Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop, because of the presence of such features there is no need to download or re-upload files between cloud accounts. Also, there is a feature of scheduled cloud transfer which enables the user to schedule the transfer at times in which it would be most convenient. Also, since it is an offline process so there is no need to turn on your computers.

Cloud Migration and Cloud Transfer

Cloud Migration and cloud transfer are essentially the same things. But why should someone go for cloud migration? Well, cloud migration goes a long way in providing a more flexible work environment for the company and its employees.

The overall user experience and performance is also known to increase as a direct result of cloud migration. Cloud Migration can also help take care of the overall user experience and tightens some of the tougher security issues.

Now let us take a closer look at the benefits of cloud migration also known as cloud transfer:

Benefits of Cloud Transfer Services

  •  Future IT infrastructure and resource allocation are made easy with cloud transfer.
  •  Cloud transfer services are also cost-effective.
  •  Cloud transfer services allow organizations to access remotely.
  •  Some documents and databases can be accessed from anywhere by using tools, software, and apps. And all this is possible because of cloud transfer.
  •  Cloud transfer is also playing an important role where it helps the workers to balance their work and life in a better way by giving them a choice to work from home.
  •  Integrating with other systems in cost-effective ways is possible because of cloud transfer services.
  •  Many cloud transfer services providers offer high-security data storage at a minimum cost.
  •  It is easy to recover the data using cloud transfer services.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting Services

First of all cloud hosting helps in building a strong online presence to boost your business, it ensures a faster loading time on your websites. Website owners and companies can build, develop, deploy, and manage web applications with the help of cloud hosting services. Talking about the speed, cloud hosting services load the pages very fast.

Users usually worry about website crashes. Cloud hosting services restore the website to its original appearance in the event of a crash. Most importantly cloud hosting services are very secure and safe.

Not only has this, but cloud hosting also had a group of experts along with a customer support team that is available 24/7. These people help users to resolve their problems.

Why Small & Medium Enterprises Shove Move Over to Cloud Services

The world is full of competition, and nobody wants to lag, cloud services can help bridge the gap for those that are already lagging, and boost those who are already ahead.

Business enterprises are continuously searching and adopting new technologies that make their day to day work easier and can maximize their profits without compromising on cost, quality, and efficiency. The cloud hosting services provide a compatible platform for such things. The most important reason is if you have a compatible device and a good internet connection, you can work from anywhere at any time.

Well, this is very important for all those small enterprises that don’t have enough money to invest in opening a new office. Cloud hosting technology allows the firm with pay-as-you-use doctrine, in this way a firm can save a lot of money. Now if we talk about security, it is something that almost everyone looks for. The cloud service has a system where experts take command of your data to encrypt and secure them from the reach of hackers.

As all of these benefits, small and medium businesses would benefit immensely and it is due time they made the shift and migrated to cloud services.

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