How Guidewire Staffing helps Business | OpenTeQ

How Guidewire Staffing helps Business | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 30,2022
How Guidewire Staffing helps Business  | OpenTeQ

The Property and Casualty (P&C) industry worldwide trusts Guidewire InsuranceSuite to revolutionize its insurance lifecycle and enrich customer experience. To leverage the deep functionality offered by the platform, businesses need expert Guidewire resources. This is a niche service area where only a few players can provide the needed resources successfully to enable businesses to advance their products, processes and customer-agent relationships.

Insurance companies are looking for simplification of IT processes to increase customer engagement and boost innovation. With comprehensive solutions that enable efficient operations, Guidewire InsuranceSuite is the platform of choice for leading P&C insurers. To make the most of their Guidewire investments, they need experienced consultants who can help them achieve extraordinary results. Guidewire staffing solutions help insurers tap into a talent pool of expert resources who are skilled and readily available for onboarding. OpenTeQ is one such solutions provider having on-demand Guidewire resources.

Benefits of Guidewire Staffing Solutions

Flexible and Scalable

Guidewire experts are available on-demand as per the changing needs of the market and your business. You can easily scale up or scale down your staffing requirements based on the current strategies and real-time needs. Staffing solutions are low-risk compared to hiring an in-house team to achieve cost savings and high productivity.

OpenTeQ has flexible models for Guidewire Staffing that ensure flexibility and also enable clients to rapidly scale when the need arises.

Focus on Core Strengths

With Guidewire Staffing solutions, insurers can move away from the hassles of managing an internal expert team or dedicate resources to Guidewire activities. Instead, their internal resources can focus on core activities like developing innovative products and fostering customer relationships. Guidewire experts can take care of the digital transformation and management of the insurance lifecycle for various aspects like enterprise content management, policy administration, billing, claims, underwriting, fraud management or reinsurance.

Partners like OpenTeQ, provide Guidewire experts who elevate the core systems for insurance companies. With skilled talent and certified Guidewire professionals, expert teams are proficient in handling various types of Guidewire software configurations and implementations.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Opting for Guidewire Staffing Solutions over an in-house team has huge cost benefits for insurers. Since the screening and shortlisting process is done by a solutions provider, the cost of hiring resources is significantly reduced. Additionally, the cost of overheads, insurance, onboarding, legal etc is significantly lower in the case of staffing solutions.

Technical Expertise

Staffing services can be engaged for different types of Guidewire expertise and functionalities like Guidewire Project Management, Guidewire On-Demand Developers & QA, Guidewire Business Analysts, SCRUM Training and Coaching, Configuration and Integration. Insurers do not need to spend time and resources in training these resources, as they are already experienced with a deep understanding of the P&C market.

The Process

Guidewire Staffing solutions provider will thoroughly screen candidates before sharing shortlisted candidates for the client’s selection processes. This ensures that customers get the best experts suited for their specific Guidewire requirements. Companies like OpenTeQ, have supported numerous clients with Guidewire resources. This means that they understand the importance of SLAs and KPIs to guarantee high-quality deliverables and the reliability of resource expertise.


Overcome Guidewire Staffing Challenges with OpenTeQ

At OpenTeQ, we recognize the challenges faced by insurance companies face in recruiting the right talent for Guidewire. We understand that expert resources are hard to find or have limited availability. Our pool of on-demand Guidewire, talent enables us to connect you to the right resources quickly. We provide the best-suited Guidewire resources to reduce hassles, time and costs for our customers.

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