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Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Dec 16,2022
Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy | OpenTeQ

There has been a significant rise in the number of customers adopting multi-cloud strategies. Many companies struggle with making the most of the multi-cloud environment without the right strategy. With this approach, they can leverage the strengths of different cloud providers while eliminating any potential risks associated with using only one provider.

What is Muti cloud

A multi-cloud is a complex approach to using the cloud for some benefits like security, cost, and planning for migration. It is a multi-vendor approach to using the cloud which enables the customer to utilize the best functionalities that multiple clouds have to offer., enabling the customer to utilize the best functionalities that multiple clouds

The cloud provider is not a single provider. The cloud provider can be:

  • public (like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform)
  • private (on-premise or hosted) like Microsoft Azure Stack or VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Or it can be a hybrid where you have parts of it in one and parts in another.)

Let's look into the key aspects of a successful Multi-Cloud Strategy.


Containerization is a method of packaging applications and their dependencies into a single unit for deployment. Containers are an essential tool in cloud computing, as they allow applications to be deployed and run on multiple platforms without having to be rewritten or recompiled. This makes containerization an important part of cloud computing, as it improves portability between different environments while also reducing complexity and time spent on manual operations like configuration management.

Cloud Security

As you begin to implement a multi-cloud strategy, consider how you will secure your data in these environments. This is a complex topic and one that will require careful planning and execution. It is recommended that you start by fixing the roles of each cloud concerning security; this will help clarify the responsibilities for protecting your data at rest and in transit.



Governance is an important aspect of the cloud, but it is often overlooked. It involves managing and overseeing the cloud environment by implementing standards, policies and procedures to ensure that proper controls are in place. By utilizing a robust governance strategy, you can improve efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.


Automation policies for cost optimization, resource utilization, and asset configuration are critical to your multi-cloud strategy. Increased awareness about automation tools in multi-cloud environments should be a priority for IT teams looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Choice of cloud provider

You need to choose cloud providers that are strong in security, can meet the needs of your business, has a good track record of supporting your business needs, and has an SLA that meets your needs.

Multi-cloud is a complex approach to using the cloud for some benefits like security, cost, and planning for migration

This approach is a complex one, as it's not just about choosing a cloud provider, but also about how your organization can best manage the infrastructure that you've deployed. This includes both security and cost management considerations. With multi-cloud strategies, there are many points of failure: if any one component of your cloud strategy fails (or is compromised), then your entire strategy is at risk. You must have contingency plans in place for this scenario—and make sure those plans are tested regularly!


In conclusion, a multi-cloud strategy can be a valuable tool for companies looking to take advantage of the benefits that cloud computing has to offer. However, it’s important to remember that there are still some risks involved in this approach and careful planning is necessary before making any decisions about how your company will leverage this technology.

At OpenTeQ, we help you navigate and set up multi-cloud environments that are best suited to your needs. Our expert resources take care of end-to-end services from selection to migration and deployment, as well as management of the multi-cloud.

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