10 Real World Internet of Things (IoT) Applications – OpenTeQ

10 Real World Internet of Things (IoT) Applications – OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 26,2020
10 Real World Internet of Things (IoT) Applications – OpenTeQ

The only thing that separates human from other creatures is curiosity. We are the one to challenge the state of the existing rules and build something better out of them. With such interest and control, the power of the internet has now gone beyond computers and smart phones. Every smart device is trying to solve the real-life problems of humans. The concept is to make the machines smart enough to cut human labor to almost zero. The idea of IoT development and creating devices which can stay interconnected to other devices and share information with us was implemented and blew our minds.

Now to give you a clear idea about how the application of IoT services (Internet of Things) have impacted our lives, we have added some of the most awaited areas that you are eager about.

10 Real World Internet of Things (IoT) Applications:

  • Smart Toothbrush: A toothbrush is the first thing that we grab right after waking up every morning. But there is a lot more to know about a smart toothbrush. The high-quality sensor of the most toothbrush can capture the data of your brushing frequency and can identify the missed spots and pressure applied. With the help of your smartphone, you can improve your oral health.
  • Fitness Trackers: Are you a fitness freak? The IoT connected devices can help you to have an enhanced exercise routine and stay fit. The Fitness tracking devices can track all your daily activities and keep your updated about them, such as your heart rate, steps walked, sleeping patterns, calorie burned and activity patterns. Armed with this information, you can set your daily activity goals.
  • Smart Shoes: Have you ever thought of changing the colours of your shoes with just a tap on your smartphone? If yes, you are a great futurist. But if you did not then trust me, with IoT services it is for real! It is not enough. With just one tap of the heels, you can send messages to your friend, boom a cab, monitor your workout and so on.
  • Child and Pet Finder: The thought of losing our loved ones is as terrifying as a nightmare, be it your kid or your four-legged family member. But now with an IoT development your smartphone can track the real-time location of anyone you would like. You can stay in peace while staying updated about the where abouts even when you are away from the loved ones.
  • Smart Shelves: Do you know how big retail stores manage their operations with ease? Of course, with the help of IoT services. The cameras and sensors embedded in the retail stores help the managers to track the updates of the product. It helps them to check on the stock they have and can also get a real-time update if any product is misplaced. Easy, is not it!
  • Health Monitoring: If we start talking about the implementation of IoT development in the healthcare industry, it is not going to end today. But we surely can tell you how the IoT has helped you to become fast track about your daily health. Getting periodic information about the health of your family members has become a necessary thing. The health tracking devices operated by IoT and connected to your smartphone helps you to monitor the real-time health status. It notifies you with sudden change in blood pressure, body temperature, breathing and heart rate.
  • Smart Gardening: To keep our environment clean and healthy, we can participate at least through pursuing the simple hobby of gardening. But many people skip the idea of gardening as they lack enough time to eater the plants. Smart gardening can fill the gap though. With sensors embedded in your garden, you can get all the information like the temperature, condition of the soil and the level of humidity. You will also get the suggestion about when to water your plants. The most exciting part is you can simply manage your garden from your smartphone.
  • Pollution Warnings: Many cities have implemented smart air monitors to detect the level of pollution in the air and of course, in the city. With IoT consulting, the government can take the required steps quickly soon after they can determine the level of pollution in many regions.
  • Infant Monitor: This is probably good news for new parents and working parents. The infant monitors can give you a real-time update about your child’s sleeping position, sleeping duration, respiration statistics and body temperature.
  • Smart Refrigerator: How cool it used to be to peek into the fridge without opening the refrigerator in our childhood. But that is no more a fantasy now! There are more cooler features we get to see in the modern and smarter refrigerators. The sensors and the camera allow you to monitor the foods that you have kept inside the fridge. You can even track the leftover food without opening the doors. Whoa!

Where connected cars and smart homes are some of the things that come instantly when we think of IoT, the IoT consultants are working days and nights to induce the idea of connected devices in every bit of our lives.

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