10 Reasons why apps are best – OpenTeQ

10 Reasons why apps are best – OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 28,2020
10 Reasons why apps are best – OpenTeQ

The percentage of mobile users in today’s age is better not to be stirred. Almost everyone has a personal mobile phone. Thus, you will not be wrong by calling it a mobile era. Evidently, the number of mobile users is far more than desktop users. Every business has consequently started realizing that use of App development service will increase their business more realistically.

While large wallet businesses can afford employing websites and mobile application together, the small-scale companies might need to choose one from both. The factors which are required to be considered while choosing one from both are the feature requirements, usability, cost and the audience.

The studies show that most of the startups and incumbent businesses are choosing app development service over the website. Which makes a strong reason for us to talk about why mobile apps are better.

Though there are many reasons, we will talk about the top 10 reasons in this blog:

  • Mobile applications provide Better personalization: Personalization is offering tailored solutions to the users depending upon the usage behavior, location, interest and more.
    Mobile application development allows users to set up their user preferences. Mobile apps are the best options for users for providing customized content. Based on the selections the users make while setting up the application, the users can get to see content which they like.

  • Mobile applications are faster: If you want to complete your tasks faster, a mobile application development is always a better option for you. The mobile applications can store all the data on the local storage. Thus, it is easier for apps to fetch and load data faster. For websites, the data are fetched from a web server which is the time taken and slower.
    The framework of mobile applications works five times faster than the website. Also choosing the best mobile application design helps the business to improve their ROI.

  • Can be managed offline: If we must make a comparison here, then it is more comfortable. While mobile application can be accessed with a simple tap and application testing is also possible offline. But websites are not that easy to use. On the other hand, sites require better internet availability even for providing better functionality and original content. There are many utility apps which require no internet to work and can be used in an offline mode.

  • Instant updates and push notifications: While audiences need to reach out to websites, the push notification feature helps your business to reach to the customers. Once your customers install your mobile application, you can send updates, exclusive offers, and other messages through push notifications. Push notifications rea the means to improve your communication with the customers.

  • Users spend more time on apps: The massive thing that businesses think of is the ROI. Thus, a business needs to be where the customers are. According to the data, where the app using time hover between 80% to 90% for the users, they spend a mere 10% to 15% in using websites. Also, as per the survey, the users spend their time at least o nine apps on average daily.

  • Freedom of designing: Though with modern and advanced technology, the developers get enough freedom to develop websites as they want. But they need to rely upon browsers for those websites to perform well. Mobile applications testing doesn’t have any such restrictions. Which gives enough freedom to the app developers to design the application as per their requirements?

  • Presence in the app store: The mobile applications qualify to be in the play store and Apple store. The websites don’t have any such privilege. With the app store presence, your business gets better exposure as compared to just having a website. People who search for the various applications also go through your mobile app which gets you the opportunity to get seen to new customers.

  • Cost reduction: Well, the cost is an essential factor to run your business smoothly. An app development service can save you a lot of time and money as compared to creating websites.
    Not only this, but your mobile application supports you to improve your communication with employees, vendors and of course the customers. By managing direct and accessible communication between your business and your customers, mobile applications also help you to reduce the marketing and advertising cost.

  • Make better conversions: There is no doubt that when you create a website, you make it for a broad audience. You also need to struggle a lot while going through the conversion funnel with the data. Mobile application supports the conversion process by enabling on app purchase.

  • Interactive Engagement: With all the other benefits, a mobile application is also created to deal with the customer’s query more effectively. For example, if you have an Ecommerce business, it is easy for your customers to cancel any given order or track their order without a fuss. The direct messaging feature also helps your customers to reach out to the sales and the after-sales team, which enrich their purchasing experience.

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