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Future of Digital Marketing | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 17,2022
Future of Digital Marketing | OpenTeQ

The digital marketing landscape is always changing rapidly to accommodate the needs of the market and to leverage new and emerging technologies. The pandemic has shown us the power of digital marketing channels, the use of which expanded during the last two years. With businesses becoming more familiar with this territory and consumers increasingly shifting online, digital marketing is an important strategy for any company to grow. In this blog, we will discuss what the future of digital marketing holds and what we can look forward to.

AI in Marketing and Support

Artificial Intelligence has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past few years, being utilized in everything from complex computations to replacing mundane tasks. It is playing a major role in conversational and personalized marketing through tools like chatbots. Chatbots are now becoming a standard feature on websites to allow 24x7 support. Using AI, chatbots can emulate human conversations and forward the call to a person, only when needed. This has enabled businesses to considerably reduce the burden on call centers while providing self-service support to customers.

Another important application of AI is in marketing automation. It is being leveraged by businesses to optimize their online marketing spending by identifying and bidding for the best-suited positions for online ads. This works for PPC campaigns and searches engine ads where bots can maximize the marketing investment using complex algorithms and automatically adjusting content and design as per the user engagement.

Social Media and Micro-Influencer Marketing

Social media and modern living are inseparable today. This is why it is one of the key aspects of a balanced digital marketing strategy. Social media, in conjunction with AI, is being used to analyze individual preferences and target personalized products and services. These algorithms are growing to be more sophisticated by the day, providing deeper understanding and more opportunities for marketers.

Influencer marketing has been on the rise on social media for a few years now. Until recently, the big-name influencers controlled this market. Due to an exponential increase in sponsored content, these influencers are losing authenticity, and as a result, their power to influence. On the other hand, micro-influencers, who have a smaller but much more dedicated audience, are coming up as valuable marketing prospects. These influencers have authentic messages and a trusting audience, which makes their impact more meaningful for marketers.

Automated Migration

The data migration process involves numerous manual tasks. These are tedious and time-consuming, needless to say, prone to errors. Automation helps in accelerating these processes and eliminating errors. The result is timely delivery that reduces downtime during the transition and lower risks to data while migrating.

The Guidewire Testing Framework enables faster releases and updates with its open-source tools. These include UI and API testing to ensure a superior user experience in the new system. The framework helps in simplifying end-to-end testing with specified best practices, setting up environments, testing use cases and integration. The Behaviour-Driven Development approach (BDD) adopted by Guidewire helps in describing and verifying expected results from standard specified user behaviour.

Voice Recognition

Smart assistants started becoming a common feature in homes around 2018. As the dependence on smart devices and mobile assistants increases, marketers are looking forward to leveraging this technology as a viable digital marketing option. The opportunities are endless. From getting reminders for ordering your favourite products, to receiving marketing communication and product suggestions. In the future, we’ll be able to get sponsored results through a voice as we do on search engines. This will be exploited not only by big businesses but can be a breakthrough for local businesses as well. Major players in this field already have targeted ad features in their pipeline. With over 50% of queries being through voice search, the potential of this technology is yet to be realized.

Augmented Reality

We are already in the metaverse era, and the scope of augmented reality has gone beyond the realm of gaming and entertainment. Companies are trying to find new and engaging ways of enticing customers and providing an enhanced experience. AR is being used in numerous ways like virtual catalogs and product experiences, where customers can view products from anywhere in the world. This has applications in numerous industries like automobiles, furniture, fashion, realty, etc.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices are ruling the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. For long-term success, companies will have to focus on mobile optimization through mobile and web applications. This will make it easier for consumers to engage with the brand.

With the rise of social media on mobile and messenger applications like WhatsApp, digital marketers have new avenues of targeting consumers. For example, WhatsApp Business provides enhanced features like adding catalogs and automated messaging to keep the customers engaged.

Over 50% of website traffic comes through mobile devices. Also, millennials and GenZ are a growing customer base with increasing buying power. To capture this market, businesses must reach these customers where they are searching for them.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing has evolved into being a major portion of a company’s marketing investments. It will continue to grow and utilize emerging technologies to enhance customer engagement and experiences. The need for businesses is to create future-proof strategies. This can only be achieved by keeping an eye out for the upcoming trends and technologies, as well as a continuous understanding of consumer behaviour.

OpenTeQ works with businesses to provide digital marketing solutions that help in establishing your brand image, increasing website traffic and inquiries and achieving improved RoI for your digital marketing investments. Our comprehensive portfolio of digital marketing solutions enables us to provide customized solutions based on your business needs and ongoing market dynamics. Contact us today to bring the future of digital marketing to your business.

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