Trending Technologies that Boost your Business

Trending Technologies that Boost your Business

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jan 7,2021
Trending Technologies that Boost your Business

We live in a constantly changing technological world where competition is at its peak. In order to be able to compete in the global market, it is necessary for organizations to adapt to and adopt trending technologies to grow and excel. Business can never stay away from technology and must integrate with it to achieve maximum results. Technology is a catalyst for business growth and is proven to improve business performance. Using well integrated technology helps organizations to delve deeper into their data and analyze it in a more effective manner. It also helps them get better insights into the working of the company and take decisions accordingly.

The Importance of Integrating Technology into your Business:

  •  It increases the organization’s productivity and output.
  •  Organizes data in a centralized location and saves time.
  •  Increases online presence and boosts sales.
  •  Allows you to know your customer base and enhances customer relations.
  •  Gives you a competitive edge, which aids in the expansion of your business.
  •  Make secure payments with full-fledged records with the help of Blockchain technology.
  •  Aids in the process of decision making.
  •  Helps study and predict market patterns and trends.


AI Solutions:

AI is one of the world’s fastest developing technologies and has been around for a while. A number of organizations have accepted it with open arms and have witnessed their empire grow. AI solutions help organizations save valuable time and human resources. It optimizes routine tasks and increases output effectively. Businesses can make faster decisions with the help of cognitive technologies that avoid human error and deliver the best results. This allows businesses to direct its workforce to areas of the business that need it. Additionally, AI systems add a personal touch to customer relations and give each customer a unique experience.

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Data Security:

No matter the size of the business, cybercrimes spares no one. Cyber criminals are constantly on the look-out for vulnerable sites with poor security. With the rise of cybercrime, investing in data security technology is a safe bet to keep hackers away, keep your data safe and grow your business hassle-free.

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Cloud Computing:

Any business that aims to expand needs technology agile enough to help achieve this goal and that’s where cloud computing comes in. Cloud computing has the ability to reduce business expenses, increase efficiency and provide flexibility. Cloud computing can also help employees access data from anywhere in the world within minutes; even though an app on one’s mobile phone. This technology also gives businesses access to a wide array of useful tools that can give your business a competitive edge in the market. The current cloud providers that guarantee maximum efficiency are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

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Internet of Things:

Internet of Things technology presents a myriad of opportunities to modern businesses. They can be used to centralize business operations, enhance productivity and customer experience and increase output. All companies must avail of the advantages that come with using the Internet of Things technology to help increase a business’ growth and profit. This technology can also be used to create a used friendly online presence. This is possible because the Internet of Things devices create more access to analytics and data, which can be used to create a customer-friendly web page. With marketing being an analytics driven game, businesses can use the Internet of Things to develop the more fitting campaigns for their target audience.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

It may seem far-fetched, but virtual reality and augmented reality have applications that go well beyond only gaming. They can be used to have meetings and conferences without all the attendees being present in the same physical space. This technology can also help customers see products from different angles, but flipping or turning over the product.

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Blockchain is technology that powers electronic currencies such as Cryptocurrencies. It is an electronic ledger that can be shared among various users. It helps in maintaining a record of transactions that cannot be altered. This makes Blockchain technology safe and secure. Using this technology helps companies reduce costs, as no third party has to be paid. There is also no need for paying for centralized entities, as the technology is decentralized. In addition to this, Blockchain technology also ensures businesses hire the right candidates for the job. With the help of the technology the employer is able to access every detail about the candidate, thus not allowing candidates to submit fraudulent resumes.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

This is a technology used for automating mundane day-to-day tasks, similar to artificial intelligence. Here, the software is used for automating tasks like replying to emails, processing transactions, and dealing with data. Research states that RPA can automate 40% of daily tasks. McKinsey reports state that more than 60% of routine tasks can be automated with the help of RPA.

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Intelligent Applications:

Intelligent apps are benefiting all industries alike; whether they are B2B or B2C. These applications are primarily voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. These applications’ core components are deep learning, machine learning, robotics, etc. and help businesses make decisions based on real-time, as well as data from the past. This helps organizations take important decisions and predict market changes and trends. These applications also have the ability to integrate and process Internet of Things sensors and translate numbers into insights through infographics.

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It is essential to note that all businesses are different and following the same trends in technology may not work for all organizations alike. Hence, it is integral to research and have experienced technological professionals advise your business regarding the best way to go. It is clear that technology is here to stay and change is the only constant. So, why not adapt to change, get into the competitive market and grow your business effectively and efficiently? Adopting the latest technological trends will help with seamless functioning of employees, customers and of course, your business as a whole.

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