IoT is changing the world rapidly – OpenTeQ

IoT is changing the world rapidly – OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Apr 24,2020
IoT is changing the world rapidly  – OpenTeQ

IoT is changing the world rapidly. From agriculture to modern science, IoT is every where in between. But what we mean by IoT? When we say IoT or Internet of Things, we refer to so many physical devices which are connected to each other through the internet for sharing and collecting data. Here the ‘Things’ that we mention can range from regular household things to some essential industrial tools. There are more than some billions of devices which are connected, and the number is growing day by day. If we try to simply define what IoT is, it is all about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones.


It is not that easy to make the importance of IoT understandable. If you prefer googling the ‘importance of IoT’ you will probably get to see a lot of things which are not so relevant or maybe irrelevant. But you are not alone. Most of the people fail to understand the importance of IoT. Over the last few years, IoT has become an integral part of the century. In today’s time, we can connect even our household objects and baby toys to the internet through embedded devices to make communication possible between people and things.

Which means that IoT services have helped the real things to collect and share data without much human intervention. With the help of IoT, the digital systems can record, monitor, and even alter the interactions between connected things.


Mostly any physical device can be connected to an IoT device and can be controlled and communicated with through the internet. Have you heard of the lightbulb which can be switched on and switched off through the help of a mobile application? Then you already know how an IoT device can be. An IoT device can be as casual as your child’s toys and as severe as a truck without a driver. In recent time the smart city projects are mostly adhering the concept of IoT, which is helpful for understanding and controlling even the environment.


Doesn’t it sound like a dream when we are talking about controlling everything through the internet? Maybe it is more than dreamy, or perhaps it is seeming to be usual. But trust me it was not like the same when the concept of IoT services came into life. The idea of adding sensors to basic things was introduced long before, but because of the technology was not ready, the progress was terribly slow. Though the concept of IoT was in existence since long, some recent advancements and techniques have made it practical and applicable.

  • Low power sensor: The IoT technology is becoming more popular and accessible for more manufacturer with the help of affordable and reliable sensors
  • Connectivity: Numerous hosts of the network have made it easy for sensors and physical devices to get connected for efficient data transfer
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is one of the most lucrative things that exist in the world. The increased availability of various cloud platforms has increased the access to infrastructure for both: consumers and businesses.
  • Machine Analytics: The advancement in machine analytics and learning has made it easy for businesses to gather insights faster and more easily from the clouds. This advancement has pushed the boundaries of the IoT and the technologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Digital personal assistance such as Siri and Alexa, have helped in making the IoT devices more affordable and appealing for home use.


The industrial equipment which can use sensor devices can get benefited by IoT.

  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry can experience some competitive advantages with the help of IoT, to monitor and maintain the equipment while there is a failure detected by the sensors. The sensors in the manufacturing unit can detect when the manufacturing is getting compromised. The smart sensor alerts can check the accuracy of the devices and can remove the device from the manufacturing unit until its completely functional. The manufacturing companies can save operating cost, improve performance, and can get better up time with IoT.
  • Automotive: There is a significant application of IoT in the automotive industry for many sensors and equipment being used in the vehicle which are on the road. The sensor can alert the driver with details and suggestions while driving or at the time of any crisis. The automotive industry can be more knowledgeable about the application of industrial IoTto keep the drivers informed while keeping the car running
  • Logistic and Transportation: There are many applications and benefits if the IoT in logistic and transportation. The cars, trucks and even ships can be rerouted based on the weather condition, availability of vehicle or driver with the help of IoT. The food and beverage, flower and the pharmaceutical companies at the time use the industrial IoT while carrying their products to control the temperature of the vehicle which is carrying those. The IoT alert the rise and the fall in the heat which can be harmful to the materials inside the vehicle.
  • Healthcare: There are many applications of IoT in the healthcare industry. The doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals often use monitor-based control to know the exact location of the devices required by a patient such as wheelchairs. The hospital wheelchairs are tacked with the help of a sensor to make it possible for the assistance to find a wheelchair promptly whenever needed.


It will be interesting to talk about the possible future of the IoT. The IoT has become a cost-effective solution with obviously so many benefits for the consumers. The IoT has increased the standard of many businesses, but IoT security is still the issue at some point in the application of IoT.

It will be great to see how IoT security goes in the next few years.

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