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Enterprise Mobility Challenges | OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Dec 2,2021
Enterprise Mobility Challenges  | OpenTeQ

Enterprise Mobility Challenges

For today’s enterprises, mobile apps can have a truly transformational impact. However, to maximize their value, you can’t build them in isolation. Your new enterprise mobile solutions must reflect the revolutionary mobile paradigm and delight users. In addition, the new enterprise mobile apps must also integrate smoothly with your existing systems and leverage previous investments in IT infrastructure.

For the past two years, businesses have been finding it increasingly compelling to make a move to enterprise mobility. The stipulations of the ongoing pandemic exacerbated the need. With lockdowns and curfews, only the internet highways were in operation. With distancing requirements, enterprise mobility was the only way to stay connected. Little wonder then that the enterprise mobility market is estimated to be nearly USD 65 bn by 2026 from the current USD 16 bn. While the industry is moving towards enterprise mobile apps some challenges are holding them back.

This blog looks at enterprise mobile apps and the concerns regarding different aspects, such as enterprise mobile security.

Let us first begin with understanding enterprise mobility solutions.

Understanding Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Management Solutions

An approach that allows employees to work from anywhere using an assortment of devices and applications is called enterprise mobility . It gives employees flexibility, thereby adding to their job satisfaction. Moreover, it increases productivity, reduces loss of information as data is entered at source, and democratizes data, allowing employees to make informed decisions. However, this simplification of work comes with many complexities around Mobile Management solutions. Besides, the task of connecting functions grows in complexity as cloud solutions adoption gains in popularity.

Challenges with Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility security concerns are real, with the number of cyber threats -phishing and online frauds increasing daily. In addition, enterprises also have to think of scalability and connectivity concerns. The following section focuses on these enterprise mobility concerns in detail. However, even if the mobility movement is here to stay, many considerations need attention. One of the most critical concerns is data security.

The advent of the mobile revolution has driven pervasive, always-on connectivity and mentality. The rise of smartphones and tablets gives employees the ability to leverage a host of applications and functionality to remain productive and get things done from wherever they are. mobile application and technologies allow today's workforce to work effectively from anywhere, collaborate with others across geographies and time zones, and realize productivity benefits by working smarter. However, the ultimate responsibility for the safety and integrity of company data and workflow lies with the company's Information Security Office.


Data travels from businesses to mobile devices through cloud computing platforms. There is a risk of being stolen, as also if the devices get lost or stolen. This can cause serious mobile security threat and hamper the development of enterprise mobility for an organization. How do you empower employees to be productive, while still protecting the massive amounts of data moving through your organization’s mobile enterprise apps? At OpenTeQ we plan, deploy, and deliver complete enterprise mobility while improving security, click here to know how.

Scalability is another issue that must be kept in mind. Managing identity and access is another front that a business cannot be caught off-guard. There are tools and firewalls to safeguard data that must be deployed diligently for enterprise mobile solutions.

Connectivity concerns with enterprise mobility applications

Mobile devices, such as smartphones allow ubiquitous high-speed connectivity. Today's employee can work productively and efficiently from home, while waiting for his daughter at the dentist’s office. And although the benefits of a mobile, always-on workforce are clear, there is a fair share of challenges and complexities—both for employees and organizations. User experience is critical. We are well past the days when IT could provide great functionality for their employees with user experience as a distant afterthought. Today user experience is more critical than ever however, it is also dependent on external networks. As more and more devices join the network, its load increases, and efficiency reduces, hampering the user experience. In addition, businesses have many software programs and systems interconnected to each other. Data must be fetched from diversified systems and synchronized with mobile devices. There must be real-time communication among all software systems to enable selecting the best software and vital support infrastructure to help circumvent these issues. The IT department requires a thoughtful approach to managing risk in the context of end-user productivity, network security, and overall user experience. If not, the implications can be severe. For example, employees may secretly drift outside the corporate firewalls to utilize simpler and more robust applications that create security and management issues.

Scalability concerns with enterprise mobile apps

As employees, customers, IoT, and data proliferate, they add to the load on the system. User experience is a high-demand parameter today. It is indeed challenging to maintain consistency across platforms and devices. Trends must be understood beforehand, whether for markets or product lines. Equipped with long-term perspectives, businesses can make suitable choices for enterprise mobile solutions & security.

As the trend of cloud migration gains momentum, businesses must fall in line making prudent choices at every stage to secure their growing network. To overcome the enterprise mobility challenges, organizations need a trusted partner like OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ mobilizes your ideas and delivers advanced mobile solutions for your organization

OpenTeQ has been delivering enterprise mobility solutions to companies across different industries. We understand the challenges of enterprise mobility and develop solutions from inception to the testing and deployment phase. Our strength lies in our strong technical capabilities and user experience proficiency that make our enterprise mobility solutions the best-in-class.

Our Mobility Management Solutions help your enterprise focus on coke skills while managing your enterprise mobility day-to-day operations. Our enterprise mobility software solutions are scalable, robust, and lean so that you can ramp up operations around it at any given point in time. In addition, we offer support and service throughout the enterprise mobile app development cycle. Our 24*7 service makes us the most preferred enterprise mobility partners for services & solutions.


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