Impact Of BI & Data Services in Todays Business – OpenTeQ

Impact Of BI & Data Services in Todays Business – OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: May 31,2020
Impact Of BI & Data Services in Todays Business – OpenTeQ

Big data is a combination of traditional and digital data that drives result in the analytics practice of any industry. When we say BI services, it can imply to large sets of data which can be obtained from various sources in unstructured, structured, and even semi-structured way. Today most of the businesses are focusing upon revamping the architecture of the data and in consolidating them. Since BigData is helpful while managing a large volume of data, it has a significant impact on businesses.

While large wallet businesses can afford employing websites and mobile application together, the small-scale companies might need to choose one from both. The factors which are required to be considered while choosing one from both are the feature requirements, usability, cost and the audience.

Business Intelligence, on the other hand, helps businesses to take the eccentricities of the companies in account to provide a customizable solution. Data analytics is one of the main functions of business intelligence. There are many other things that business intelligence can offer depending upon the needs of the companies.

How Big Data Services Help Businesses Can leverage Business Insights to take better decisions

It is possible to gain insights from stored data by utilizing the right Big Data platforms and technologies. BI services have large volume and variety. Thus, in many cases, businesses become able to uncover insights which were overlooked previously.

You can better understand this with an example. When big data services were correctly used, an organization could target its right audience with the right kind of product, resulting in the Ecommerce revolution that we have seen so far. The alarming increase of online shoppers instead of instore shopper, helped the big data to understand the buyer’s behavior and the needs of the customers. The Ecommerce companies used different channels to analyze behaviors like social media apps. They could follow the ongoing trends to customize their user experience which led to better decision making.

Big Data Services improved the operational efficiencies

Bigdata has a real impact while it comes to the operational structure of the business. The use of smart labels or sensors can optimize the supply chain with the help of big data. Collection of large database helps in analyzing and to build predictive models which can improve the efficiency of the overall business.

Many companies use the data derived by the smart labels. The analysis and the tracking of the labels can help the businesses to deliver information like when a package is expected to get delivered. It helps the businesses to improve their supply chain flow.

Big data services help organizations to reduce cost

With a better user or customer experience, every organization can end up to an increase in their revenue, by reducing the overall business cost. Using the collected data, organizations can build a solution to improve customer retention, acquisition, and growth with the help of machine learning and advanced analytics techniques.

How Business Intelligence impacts modern-day businesses

If we ask the experts, they don’t find many differences between the impacts of business intelligence and Big Data on businesses. The reason is that they are almost similar and connected to each other. Business intelligence helps the businesses in their day to day operations, whereas Big data helps in making decisions for the future, like how things will look in the future.

In today's data-driven world, while every company is willing to work smarter, they are also facing an overload of data or information. In the last few years, most of the organizations have collected 90% of the total database that they have right now. The impact of business intelligence can’t be seen immediately upon a business. It helps every organization to monitor the current trend, and improve the decision making in every level of the organization.

The benefits of business intelligence

Valuable business insights: Every business needs to test their employee’s performance, revenue, and overall success as well as performances which are department centric. Business intelligence helps organizations to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every department and assists in finding out what’s working and what’s not.

Fast and accurate reporting: With the help of business intelligence, the employees can use templates or customized reports to monitor KPIs. The reports are made using the most recent data and in real-time to act quickly. Most of the reports contain graphs, charts, tables, and other read visualizations. Business intelligence also allows the users to play with different variables and access information faster.

Better Data Quality: Business Intelligence is also essential for data management . The are many inaccuracies and discrepancies in the collected data. Businesses which care of cleaning the collected data and making them best in quality are more successful than others.

The other benefits for business intelligence are some way like that of the Big data. Both tools help in improving competency in every business and increase revenue.

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