Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today's business – OpenTeQ

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today's business – OpenTeQ

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Mar 20,2020
Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today's business  – OpenTeQ

It will be a mixed feeling while talking about the importance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in businesses. In one hand, while the bot revolution brings the fear of job loss, on the other hand, it will be interesting to see what machine augmentation can help people to achieve success. But what can happenand what not are the topics we can discuss in the future.

There is a currentrole of Artificial Intelligence in many businesses already. The users say that they have experienced some transformational impact on their businesses. We can look at how companies have been benefitted by adopting AI so far.


We will definitely talk about the role of AI services in businesses. But before you analyse and decide that AI can be beneficial for your business or not, we want you to know something more about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence helps the machines to learn and adapt new things from their experiences. Thus, if you compare Artificial Intelligence to function like the human brain,then you will not be wrong. Data algorithms. Iterative processing is the factors which help the machine's software to learn automatically. Digital assistance, robots and chat bots are some of the forms of AI support used by the businesses today.

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There can be actionable insights in a massive amount of data. The primary purpose of AI is to unleash that. Most of the data that we are mentioning are those who are unstructured. Those data are generally gathered while writing business documents and reports, emails, social media posts and even photos. Artificial Intelligence can be helpful and also can make many computers which can deal with than most complex problems of businesses. The smartest part of Artificial Intelligence is that it can catch the data pattern which can be easily overlooked by professionals.

Through the help for Artificial Intelligence businesses can automate essential things that’s you on time. It helps the employer to focus upon higher value works. It enhances decision making and also can improve the outcomes of those decisions. In a recent report, it was found that more than 72% of businesses got benefited with the decision-making ability when they induced AI into this.

If AI services are explicitly used, they can also help the businesses to create more values by transforming the business processes and models.


Finance Analysis:Ohio University Infographics recently have presented AI handling financial analytics in the future. After observing the technology of Google Analytics, this prediction has come up. Artificial Intelligence can read the monetary result. It even can relate to business decisions with the right programming. With time we can wait to see that Artificial Intelligence has a unique and better understanding of the Financial crisis. It can even advise you with the best possible logical steps to take.

Market Research:AI is moving to almost every segment for business. After Finance, marketing is the next world where you can see some notable impact of AI. Through the marketing campaigns and along with the data of the previous consumer trends, AI can even plan the next possible market strategy that will work for the business. As AI can learn faster and as there is no human fatigue included, you can say that AI can come up with a better assumption. With the help of AI, businesses even can create marketing and sales collaterals.

Planning:If you see a bit carefully, there is nothing without technology in every corner of our life. The payroll, tasks of the employees and benefits everything is being taken care of by technology only. Now when we believe that AI support can help us with the best possible next step, we can at least expect that AI can be a significant part of the planning. Needless to say, that if AI can be implemented successfully in plan, it will lead the upper management to be less tied in time.

It will be curious to know what else is there AI can accomplish and what will be left for the humans. But the human spirit is innovative and it can always come up with something new using the talent, skill and experience.

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